Evgeniy Popov

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Date of Birth: 07/10/1930

Age: 86

Citizenship: Russia

From death row, he stepped on the screen

Author: Evgeny Ermakov

Website: Celebrities

Where he was born? Moscow, July 10, 1930. Yes, 70 years old, but that does not look like? How are broke? From hunger and cold. After high school, from which he graduated with a quartet, entered the Kalinin Engineering Institute, and in the second year absolutely starved, went on a "piece of iron" at night to unload the wagons, there met with the punks. They were well-fed, happy, and I dried up all. They are my "students" and teased, without a name and a surname.

One day after work, coming back from the station, the children saw the open warehouse, climbed to began to pull out some bales. I do not really even understand anything did not have time. The guard returned and ordered us all to raise their hands up. A shot rang out. That`s all. For me - everything. Freedom is over.

In the case I went alone; I like the youngest, and nothing to think in criminal cases "loaded" as the locomotive was given 8 years, and was sent to Stalin`s camp, although I did not participate in any theft or the murder of vohrovtsa.

Bitterly I was moved to tears. After all, I was sitting, and those bastards at liberty rested. Was released, came to her mother in Moscow, got a job, I thought, all start at first, but those for whom I was in jail, one year later got wind that I went back and started me to go and see. Yes, even threatened me with death if I will not steal them together. I could not go to the police to complain about - pride would not let. And who would believe me? As I remember, I received a salary at Sukharevka bought an old revolver 17th year with cartridges, and when they once again declared to me, and a fight broke out, pulled out a revolver and shot them both. One died on the spot, the other has lived for some time in the hospital, but he never came out.

When it happened, I went home to gather in prison with his mother goodbye, called "ambulance" and mentovku moved - then pull the rubber. Still, people killed, even the shiftless, but the people.

Then the court, but I remember my mother, she looked at me and cried, and when the sentence was announced, fainted. What gave? All that could be higher have only God. No, I`m not kidding, I was sentenced to the supreme penalty - to be shot. And as soon as the verdict was announced, he immediately rushed to guard me, handcuffed. And when they brought in the Butyrka, dressed in a striped robe and placed in solitary confinement in the basement under the "Pugachev tower" with the number 54.

More than two years I spent there - all at a great shot. No walking, no radio, no newspapers. The only thing that saved - the prison library. I read a lot since childhood. I have read and thought about the correctness of his act - the murder. But each time came to the conclusion that the choice was not simple.

Which daily in jail? draconian regime - at 6 o`clock in the rise, the bed is fastened to the wall and spend all day on their feet but in a small, walled in concrete steel stool. At 22.00 a retreat. Day and night, from behind bars shines one single light bulb 40 watts.

One includes four Ambala, asked: name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, art ... With things, they say, to the output. And what sort of things I do? Yes No. Well, I think everything otmuchilsya. A sick tooth pestering me - so even forgot about it. Led me. I`m all sweating, but did not show, and most from side to side throws. Suddenly the door opened in front of me, and behind the door - white glow, all bright and rosy. For some reason I thought that I had already killed and the other light. And because of the back-Ambala guardian angel in a white robe, busty, with bare foot feet in shoes and white cap fluttered.

My whole life of a woman loved and helped me. And this time ... What you do not believe? I had six wives, growing five children, and even grandchildren as much. So, introduced me to this "paradise" with an angel and is seated in a chair, hands holding Umballa, and a woman in a white coat came up to me and smiles, and only then did I understand - it`s a dentist, my tooth will be treated. Can you imagine, I sit under the tower, I am not today tomorrow at the grave, and they treated me the tooth, and even put a crown. I have this meeting in "paradise" will never forget.

With NAR - "Mosfilm"

WHEN pardoned? Never. I was just gossip, and where I have replaced capital punishment on softer - 15 years with five years of expulsion and five of strict jail. I`m in the Vladimir ST-2 has got it for the KGB then the number. Who just was not there, who just do not sit there. Vasya Stalin, I, however, it is not found, and Beria generals, thieves and spies appeared in my cell.

When I was in solitary confinement froze as Nazis - Karbysheva, I got "on bolnichku" and there met the famous traitor "Young Guard" - Statsenko. He said that he was slandered. But I did not until he had - just to die. We thought that tuberculosis was opened, but God spared me, and I am escaped with pneumonia. For me, not only in the cooler stripped to their underwear, so more and the water every day for the bucket was poured on the floor. And outside winter, and in a single window glass. But I survived, and again helped me a woman - a nurse.

How to hit the cinema? I have lived in Kalinin - in exile. The family was the son Volodya was growing up, but my mother-in-law nagged, and when she learned that I was, plaguing was neither I nor his wife. I then sat down on the train and went to Moscow. And in Moscow I have good friends there. We often met in Stoleshnikov, in the beer garden "Yama", where they drank beer with crayfish and talked about smart things. There I became acquainted with Nikolai Burlyaev. He then just shot the film "Lermontov". He saw me and said: "This is Esaul. And make-up is not necessary. " So I got on the "Mosfilm". And got the first fee -12 rubles. Although the money by the time I have, and so were carried out, but the fee was particularly pleased to receive, as, indeed, and guzzle it in the native "Pit" to cast luck not passed me. A week later went to kinoekspeditsii in Pyatigorsk. Do I have a tattoo? Of course, I, like an Indian, all painted, do something there was nothing, that from idleness and decorate. When appearing on the beach, half of the people shied, and the other part of it - women - sweet sigh.

... And then there was the next film and again at Burljaeva, then began to invite other directors, I even shot the Americans, in the "empire of eagles" - from Donovan Scott, received the biggest in the group fee - 200 rubles per day of shooting. The French played with Lena Safonova in the film "The Woman in the wind", the Italians in the film "Holiday in Moscow" was the only Russian actor - played pop. Lungin have starred in "Life Line", Armen Borisovich Dzhigarhanyanom. In Chuhraja in "Thief" movie where a young thief Mashkov played, and I - the old one. In Kazakov played the killer; Sergei Bondarchuk. In general, to date, I have over 20 movies. Where I am filming? For six months I did not appear on the set. I`m sitting at the cottage, writing a book about himself and the people he met in his life.