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Date of Birth: 08/03/1922

Age: 81

Place of birth: a. Novoukrainka

Citizenship: Russia


Podilsya March 8, 1922 in the village Novoukrainka Skadovsk district, Kherson region. Father - Semyon Matveev Kalinovich. Mother - Kovalenko Nadezhda Fedorovna. Wife - Lidiya Matveeva (1925 born.). Daughter - Svetlana Matveeva (1947 born.). The son - Andrey Matveev (1957 born.). Grandchildren: Alex, Eugene, Hope.

Yevgeny Matveyev early joined to a hard peasant labor, peasant could do any work; great respect for the man who is working on the ground, kept for a lifetime. As a boy, Jack went into the field, where there was no end in sight. He left because he felt great joy, remaining alone with him, listening to the singing of a lark. There, in the sorrowful thought of my mother, who went to the fate of a single woman. Impressions of childhood were often bitter, so Jack was always drawn to something light, joyful, cheerful. He liked to imitate the singing of various birds, causing a kind smiling villagers loved to sing, accompanying himself on the balalaika. At school, everyone called him Eugene-artist. In early childhood, the boy did not know that in the world there are theaters and actors, but unconsciously already litsedeystvoval.

From 2nd grade boy was transferred immediately to the 4th - the teacher noticed him a taste for study and advised the mother to move to the city to give him an education. The city Tsyuryupinske he first saw an amateur show and realized that his place in the theater. The theater won him and became his only dream. Eugene began to engage in the initiative, was a magician, a dancer, a singer. In 9th grade Eugene firmly decided to quit school and go to Kherson - the closest regional center, where they were a professional troupe and theater studio. After receiving the blessing of his mother, 17-year-old boy sat on the barge with watermelons and swam to his dream.

It was 1939. In the Kherson Theatre Matveev became involved in crowd scenes, he was trusted and small roles. One of them was a musician in the play the role of "mediocre." The young man dashing to the music hit the drum, and not even know that his professional opinion said Nikolai Cherkasov, who was in the hall. Cherkasov praised wordless artist, advised him to study in Kiev at Dovzhenko, promising his support.

After graduating as an external student the last two classes of the school and received a certificate, Eugene entered the acting school at the Kiev studio. Here he became a pupil of Alexander Dovzhenko, who taught his students responsiveness, attentiveness to the people, but the main thing, of course - highly complex craft of the actor.

Outbreak of war destroyed all the plans. Under the incessant bombing Eugene dug trenches, participated in the creation of fortifications around the city. Forever in his memory remained eerie sound of the engines of the German airplanes, whistling bombs, panic defenseless people. Matveev was eager to volunteer for the front. But fate decreed otherwise. He was sent to study in Tyumen Infantry School. Since childhood is not accustomed to do anything carelessly, Matveev and the school was an excellent student. And ... what honors he was left as a teacher. Numerous requests and reports to send to the front left without attention.

Having taught military science, he did not forget about his nationality attachment. Soon a young officer the whole city knew how gifted an actor. I came and success - first place in the competition readers of the Siberian Military District.

In 1946, demobilized, Yevgeny Matveyev stayed in Tyumen, becoming a local actor Drama Theatre, directed by director D. Barhatov. Life provincial theaters always complex: a small company, part of the Premier, the constant trips with performances in remote areas. However, many of the actors who have passed the school peripheral theaters, rightly believe that nowhere else does not have such a great variety of possibilities to beat roles, test themselves in different roles.

Yevgeny Matveyev was doomed to the role of the "heroes". Tall, handsome, courageous, charming, emotional - all this makes the game actor contagious. He played roles in "Young Guard" Fadeeva (Vanya Zemnukhov), "For those who are at sea" B. Lavrenev (Borowski), "Young Forest" N. Pogodin (Cheremizov). Success was not long in coming. For her performance as Borowski Eugene Matveev he received the prize and was admitted to the final round of the All-Russian review of youth theater in Moscow. Successful demonstration in Moscow led to a lot of tempting offers. The young actor was invited in Alma-Ata, and in Krasnoyarsk and Moscow Theater of the Lenin Komsomol. But he chose the Novosibirsk "Red Torch", which is not without reason considered the "Siberian Moscow Art Theatre." It was a great company and a great direction. In Novosibirsk, he started a real serious professional study Matveeva. A study here was one. At the head of the theater was a man of great culture - V. Redlich, worked here and VK Denis, strict, exacting director and teacher, and EM Behbudov with his explosive temper, vivid theatricality. Here, the young actor first came into contact with the teachings of KS Stanislavsky. Mentors Matveeva seriously cared about the creative growth of the young actor. It is in the "Red Torch" sought to reveal his identity.

At the theater, ES Matveev played a lot and successfully. Among his works of those years: John Harmon ( "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens), Leontiev ( "Candidate of the Party" A. Crone), Victor Lavrov ( "The great strength of" Boris Romashov) Aksanich ( "Constantine Barrier" A . Movzona), Yuri Podnebesko ( "Happiness" on the novel by P. Pavlenko), Baron Vietinghoff and the District Commissioner ( "Unforgettable 1919" Sun Vishnevsky), Neil ( "Philistines" Gorky). The biggest success was the young artist a share in Uldysa role in the play "Twist, a breeze!" Staged by E. Behbudov play classical Latvian literature Rainis.

This production was an important milestone in the creative path of the actor. In 1951, "Red Torch" showed the play during a tour in Leningrad. Again Matveev was invited to several theaters of Moscow and Leningrad. This time, he accepted the offer of the oldest team of the country - the Maly Theatre in 1952 and made his debut on stage in the role of academic Neznamova drama AN Ostrovsky "Guilty Without Guilt". The desire to improve results Yevgeny Matveyev in creative laboratory MN Kedrov, student KS Stanislavsky, organized at the All-Russian Theatrical Society. Together with the young aspiring actor classes visited by many famous actors and directors, among them B. Marecki, Plyatt R., N. Annenkov and other great masters.

Among the images created by Evgeny Matveev 12 years at the State Academic Maly Theater, stand out: Zvonarev ( "Port Arthur" Stepanova and Popova), Spring ( "Love Spring" K. Treneva) Rawdon ( "Vanity Fair "W. Thackeray), Trofimov (" main role "S. Aleshin), Poles (" Autumn Dawns "Vladimir Blinov), Erastus (" The heart is not stone, "Ostrovsky), Oswald (" Ghosts "by Ibsen .), etc. In 1958, Yevgeny Matveyev was awarded its first honorary title - "Honored Artist of the RSFSR."

Even as a stage actor, Yevgeny Matveyev sought most mass art form - cinema. The ability to reach an audience of millions, to strengthen its voice on the unprecedented power of "voice" - this was his dream. And in 1955, his dream began to be implemented. By the end of the 1950s, his record already numbered several roles in the movie: the main role in the film "The Searchers" on the novel by D. Granik, Constantin film Kulidzhanov L. and J. Segel, "The house where I live," Lobanov film "Case" Motley "" commander Sorokin in "eighteenth year".

End 1950 - beginning of 1960 - a very busy period in the creative biography E.Matveeva. The works followed one after another, and all of them were marked by talent, inspiration, temperament and because of their creator had a well-deserved success. For a short time at the Small Theater was 11 Prime with his participation. The films in which he played Matveev, do not descend from screens. Fedotov appeared in the film M. Ershov "Native Blood", shook all their manly kindness and poignant sincerity, Trofim Red Army soldier from the short film "Colt" on a story by Mikhail Sholokhov, Pavlovsky in "crash".

From his youth, one of the favorite characters, who wanted to play the actor was Makar feeding of Sholokhov "Virgin Soil Upturned". Image of Makara in the highest degree corresponds to the fact that it is possible to define the words "hero Matveeva," which is the main theme of his work - the love for the motherland, the people of life. And in life and on the stage attracted the people living at the limit of physical and emotional strength, when every moment is filled to overflowing, each minute is lived as if it was the last.

It is easy to imagine the state of the actor, when a telegram arrived from Leningrad with an invitation to the shooting of the film "Virgin Soil Upturned". But the meeting with the director of the film A. Ivanov acted on Matveeva like a bucket of cold water. He was offered the role is not fattening, and Davydov. The actor felt a sense of shame, bitterness, a state of irretrievable loss of a loved one, a loved one with whom he lived his best years. Yet Matveyev begged the director at least try it as Nagulnova. The sample produced at all such a strong impression that the question no one had: Matveev - Feeding and there. So there was a meeting of the actor and the role, which was not only one of the most successful, memorable and the best works of the actor, but also a real event in the Soviet cinema, classics of Russian cinema.

Makar feeding appeared before the audience a true "knight of the revolution." This bundle of energy, vnebytovoy hero. For him, any action - a fragment of the struggle for life and death in the name of revolution. The Civil War was not the end for him, and in each case, which is entrusted to him by the party, he is thrown in the fight, in a dashing cavalry attack. Of course, it also has a naive and childlike simplicity, but at the same time the deep charm of outstanding personality.

"All the actors and directors need to undergo" clean "classics. Check yourself - how "grown" up to it ". These are the words of Yevgeny Matveyev. Eugene S. is himself also passed this test. During the filming of "Virgin Soil Upturned" director M. Schweitzer invited Yevgeny Matveyev on the role of Prince Nekhlyudov in the adaptation of the novel LN Tolstoy`s "Resurrection". Time for a smooth, unhurried way of joining in was not. Combining both jobs was incredibly difficult, even physically difficult, not to mention the fact that we had to literally turn the course of Nagulnova to Nekhludoff, and vice versa. A different characters more difficult to imagine. It was necessary that all the powerful emotion of the actor "bubbled" only inside him and very sparingly, minimally, just bit by bit to go outside. Nekhludoff - a man with a heart capable of the emotional movement, and acting personality Matveeva responded to it, and the role of the actor brought a huge success.

Despite the success in film, theater always remained for Eugene Matveev his love, his pain and his dream. An incredible performance, just at the limit of physical and mental strength, over the years has become a credo Yevgeny Matveyev. Otherwise, he could not. It is difficult to say how long Yevgeny Matveyev would have remained "serve two masters" - film and theater. However, during the filming of "Virgin Soil Upturned" he fell from his horse and injured his spine. Serious illness permanently tore actor of your favorite things. On the stage, he never returned.

Long two years Yevgeny Matveyev was bedridden. It has long been "secretly" sick directing, he surrounded by books, studied the theory of directing, dreamed of a full-fledged creative work, his "screen" was the ceiling on which it mentally through my future films. Art did not allow him to panic and despondency. That`s when he vowed to get on their feet, and under the pressure of his will for life and passion for the profession of the disease has receded.

Directorial debut ES Matveev was the film "Gypsy", staged on the novel by Alexander Kalinin. For seemingly artless story of the good, brave, do not harden soul blacksmith Budulay rose living human fate, which, as so often happens in life, sorrow and joy are not present in equal proportions. Since the release of the film, where the director and played a major role, the audience accepts the job Matveev-director as well as to take this work Matveeva actor. As a director, he made the film "Gypsy" (role Budulai, 1967), "Post novel" (the role Kovshova, 1969), "Especially important task" (the role of Kirillov, 1980), "Easy Money" (1981), "Victory "(role Karpov, 1984)," Love the earth "(the role of Zahara Deriugina, 1974)," Fate "(the role of Zahara Deriugina, 1977)," The cup of patience "(Ch. part). Among his works, shot in 1990, - three films under the title "Love in Russian."

As an actor, ES Matveev much fruitful acted in other directors: "Soldiers of Freedom" (Brezhnev), "The Taming of the Fire" (Plant Manager) "Sibiryachka" (Dobrotin, 1972), "Fury" (Gulyavin), "And there was evening and there was morning, "(Yartsev)," mortal enemy "(Arseny, 1971)," front for the front line "(Secretary of the Regional Committee, 1977)," The front of the rear of the enemy "(Secretary of the Regional Committee, 1981), and others.

Wonderful acting and directing achievements Matveeva assessed on merit: the audience repeatedly called him the best actor of the year; painting "postal romance" gets the prize IV All-Union Film Festival as the best historical-revolutionary film; film series "Love the Earth" and "Fate" Matveyev bring the title of laureate of USSR State Prize, and Vasilyev Brothers State Prize of the RSFSR; for the main role in the Novels "high rank", he becomes the owner of a gold medal AP Dovzhenko; for the role of Pugachev in the film "Emelyan Pugachev" it is recognized the best performer male role at the XVI International Film Festival in Czechoslovakia; film "Victory" receives a special prize of the Organizing Committee and the Ministry of Defence at the XVIII All-Union Film Festival; for his role in the film "Love in Russian" E .Matveev awarded the prize for Best Actor at the XII International Film Festival of Asia, Africa and America.

ES Matveev was elected an academician of the National Academy kinematogarficheskih Arts and Sciences of Russia.

Another side of the creative life of Yevgeny Matveyev was his teaching activities. For several years he was a professor of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, the head of Azerbaijan acting workshop. Perhaps the most critical time in the work with future actors Matveev considered the initial stage, the first stage of the exercises and simple sketches. Therefore, despite the huge workload, all classes invariably conducted himself. He taught his students to master the law of the actor`s art - an internal, focused, precise action, through which we can express the problem of image, personality, character, genre works. He did not cease to remind that the creative life of an actor is difficult that the profession of the actor - a profession enthusiastic people, music is a profession. "We are with you - feel the sun, the word leaves ... diamond set in gold - that`s what the actor ..."

A special area of ??the life of Eugene S. were creative meeting with spectators. To them he treated very seriously and responsibly. I went around the country, read excerpts from literary works, the scene played out films and performances, was especially fond of listening to the audience and answer their questions.

ES Matveev - People`s Artist of the USSR (1974), was awarded two Orders of Lenin, Order of October Revolution, the Order "For Merit

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