Evgeniy Ivanov

Picture of Evgeniy Ivanov

Date of Birth: 1884

Age: 83

Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod

Citizenship: Russia


Russian writer and playwright, ethnographer, folklorist. The cousin nephew Apollinaria Suslova, correspondence with which, according to Ivanov, greatly influenced his literary self-determination.

In Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanov worked as a notary public, at the same time publishing in the local press stories and plays (two of them were put in the season 1909-1910.). Since 1910 Ivanov lived in Moscow, gradually becoming fashionable playwright - special success enjoyed his drama "The cage of lions" and "chelovechika" (both 1914). In 1913-1914. published the journal "Theater in cartoons", which in addition to the chronicles and reviews (not only the performances, but also concerts, exhibitions, new books) published literary works - in particular, the first publication of the poem Mayakovsky "Violin and nemnozhno nervously" (Mayakovsky Ivanov contacted a lot in 1914-1915 .; survived four cartoon Mayakovsky Ivanov and Ivanova synopsis about Mayakovsky oral memories on the literary meeting of 1934) an adult Eugene Ivanov in 1915 entered the Moscow archaeological Institute and graduated from it. Most of his later life Ivanov studied ethnography, the study of Russian folk theater, rituals and TP In 1924, he was one of the organizers of the First scientific and ethnographic theater, which reconstructed the old Russian rites and rituals. In 1937 he prepared and published a book-album "Russian splint" later worked on the compilation "Ornaments narodovSSSR" which prevented the publication of the Second World War. Subject of Special Scientific Interest Ivanova was clowning, understood very broadly.

The most famous work is drawn up by it Ivanov collection of folk sayings, published in 1982, AP Chudakov called "Tagged Moscow word": in the collection contains the words, phrases and whole pieces of speech, recorded in the urban population and reproduce class and professional features speech.