Evgeniy Gross

Picture of Evgeniy Gross

Date of Birth: 10/20/1897

Age: 74

Place of birth: Kolpino

Citizenship: Russia


In 1935 he discovered the spectra of intermolecular vibrations - "grossovskie" frequency. In 1951 he opened the optical spectrum of the exciton, to prove experimentally the existence of excitons in crystals. Subsequently, a detailed study of the properties of excitons and their role in a variety of physical phenomena (photoconductivity, luminescence), discovered their diamagnetism, Zeeman and Stark ionizatsiyuvo an external electric field, the inversion of the magnetic field of the exciton and Maxwell distribution of velocities of the excitons, the optical analog of the Mossbauer effect, the role of excitons in crystals of coherent radiation, the optical spectrum biexciton opened and others. The State Prize of the USSR (1946). Lenin Prize (1966). He was awarded the Order of Lenin and medals.

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