Evgeniy Giner

Picture of Evgeniy Giner

Date of Birth: 05/26/1960

Age: 56

Place of birth: Kharkov

Citizenship: Russia

Evgeny Giner: If we bought a 21 win, why not buy the 22-th?

- Do not you think that this season with a bang raised the question of combining Valery Gazzaev post coach of the club and the national team?

- I like the president of the club, there are no claims to Gazzayev: he can do whatever he must.

- Do you like football, which is played CSKA, or you, as the president of the club, is only interested in the result?

- Of course, for me, it is an important parameter of the quality of the CSKA game, and I`m still not satisfied with it adequately. Partly this has objective reasons - such as the state of the fields. There is in this, and our shortcomings, will be corrected, including - by enhancing the composition of the team for the second round of the Russian Championship and the start of the qualifying tournament of the League chempionov.A parameters such as the number of points and a place in the standings, I am satisfied completely.

- Then what do you think of this parameter as refereeing matches of your club? And, in particular, whether you that today`s victory CSKA did not believe in a fair degree has promoted referee Veselovsky without assigning clear penalty in the episode with the release Leonov alone with Mandrykin?

- From the point at which I watched the game, no penalty I saw ... And then, you did not seem to themselves that might be assigned a penalty for violations at torpedovtsev Kirichenko and Kusova? Judge Egorov in the match with the "Saturn" appointed penalty, which was not, then we scored a goal, and CSKA lost points. But we do not grumble about the refereeing, and the rest, I think it`s time to stop doing it. The judges - the same people. They, like all of us, are fallible.

- And yet in this season it is mainly to err in favor of CSKA. Some of these errors are officially recognized by the refereeing committee, and today, still argue with you, it has all chances to the same assessment. Do not you think that the abundance of judging scandals CSKA matches and refereeing itself is devalue leadership team, throwing her shadow?

- In April the championship match of England "Arsenal" scored against "Manchester United" two ball from an offside position, and it is also all recognized, but judicial errors - it`s part of the game, and no one would suspect anything London club. Let`s not go into this subjective topic, because the dream in this direction can be the point of absurdity. That last season buzz that CSKA bought a 21 victory. But why, then, I want to ask these people, CSKA bought a 22 th?

- Do you expect that in a European Cup match referee will allow your team to play as hard as she plays the Russian championship?

- Sure. There bracket stiffness may be even higher, although, of course, all depends on the judge: the British and the Italians allow players more contact in warfare, than, say, the French. Understand today celebrates athletic football, which was confirmed, for example, matches "Juventus" against "Real".