Evgeniy Bogachev

Picture of Evgeniy Bogachev

Date of Birth: 08/25/1941

Age: 75

Place of birth: a. Novo-Ivanovka

Citizenship: Russia


The mother and father Evgeny Bogachev were school teachers in the village Vcherayshe, in district of Zhytomyr region. 25-year-old Boris Nikitich married Lyudmila Kostenko, when she was not 16 years old, she was his student, and he was director. Very early, at 17 years and for life, Lyudmila Kostenko began Lyudmila Stepanovna - primary school teacher. In the early days of the war my father went to the front. For the first time he saw his son three years later, when he was dismissed from the army after being wounded. After returning to BN Vcherayshe Bogachev became chairman of the executive committee, just liberated from the occupation of the territory. Two years after the war, the family moved to a nearby Bogachev district center, village Ruzin, and settled in the local school, in a service apartment Director Bogachev. Here Jack began to study in the class of his mother, he taught his aunt, and later taught older sister Alexandra B.. Perhaps it has identified all further his style of life when family and studies, home and work are inseparable.

In 1957, his father was tragically killed. Eugene had just graduated from the 9th grade. A year later he received a silver medal and entered the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Zhitomir Pedagogical Institute. After a 1-year transferred to the Kazan Aviation Institute at radiofakultet. Start an independent life away from home. The hostel Bogachev organized commune. All earnings of the student family for unloading wagons and Volga barges going into the general budget.

His first seven Evgeny Bogachev made early. In 1964 he married a classmate Bella Goltsova. Along came the distribution in the "mailbox", which took place externship. In 1966, at Bogachev daughter Olga. Filmed shack on the outskirts of Kazan. To live on a salary of young professionals has been difficult, and the rich man went to work for TV technician. Then in the domestic service of people with higher education is almost not there, and pretty soon Bogachev became the head of TV and radio repair shop, which, when it became 10 times to block the plan.

Less than a year later he became the head of production Bogachev repair equipment Kazan plant of household appliances. When he came to the office, in the shop employs 10 people, and by the end of the year - more than 80. The efforts of the young chief were directed primarily to the fact that workers were earning decent. Every day at 9 pm, when he sent his masters home, wife and daughter appeared. The family lived in his office. Everyone knew about it and helped. Relationships at work were almost family.

In November 1967, Eugene B. was appointed chief engineer of repair teleradioappartury "Screen". A year later - the CEO. In 1970, he became Deputy Minister of Consumer Services of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic - the youngest deputy in the republic. At the same time he was introduced to the first state award - the Order "Badge of Honor". The family finally got a private room in a communal apartment.

In the late 1960s Minbyt Tatarstan was sometime in the late forties among the regions of the RSFSR. When Bogachev became deputy minister, he sought to expand the scope of public services, to develop new services and to develop, improve, those who were in an embryonic state. New services require new technologies. On it were necessary tools they had to make, as subsidies from the budget did not allow. Evgeny Borisovich had to seriously deal with the planning, financing - the economy, in a word.

In 1975 EB Bogachev received economic education, he graduated from the Kazan Financial-Economic Institute. Professional knowledge, plus common sense and experience forced him to look for new solutions: Bogachev withdrew from the centralized distribution of profits in Minbyte. consumer services companies began to cooperate: large associations released less profitable regional businesses their products at a discount, they implemented it, and thus also earned profits. As a result, become profitable, we were able to develop the production initiative. The network of personal services in Tatarstan began to grow rapidly. volume growth amounted to 30 per cent a year. The young deputy, in fact, laid the economic foundations for the corporate thinking in the system of public service of the Republic.

August 19, 1979 at Bogachev struck trouble - in a plane crash killed his wife and daughter. Life is broken in two. From remains only work. A small break for sleep, and - most of the cases. Sometimes he even went home, slept in the ministry. The office became a home.

Only four years later, in 1983, Eugene B. decided to create a new family. Life began as if from scratch. His wife was Lily Chulpanovna Mlyukova. She worked as the second secretary of the district committee of the Komsomol Menzelinsky. Before it opened the party`s career - it put forward for the post of third secretary of the district committee of the party. After the birth of her daughter Olga, it began to work in their specialty - historian in Lenin Memorial in Kazan, finished graduate school and wrote his thesis. Eugene B. regained the rear.

In 1985 Bogachev became minister of consumer services of Tatarstan. Constantly looking for new ways of working, thinking about how to raise the productivity of labor, production efficiency. To create competition in the work, even if it was not accepted. Moreover, there was a directive from above - to combine divisions in large enterprises. Bogachev had to form associations. But then on this basis to open branches, which vied with each other. Departing from excessive centralization, the structure developed in breadth. Across the country to build homes everyday. I open all new and new businesses. The industry employs about 40 thousand people. Entitled "Minbyt" was created whole empire. For Eugene B. it was just a very big family, which should be taken care of and that should be kept in strong master`s hands.

When Bogachev ministry began to occupy a leading position not only in Russia but also in the Union. Each month, he was awarded the challenge Red Banner of the Russian Ministry, every year - Banner of the USSR Council of Ministers or the Central Committee. At the time, Eugene B. traveled a lot around the country, studying the experience of bytoviki, especially the Baltic countries, Leningrad and Moscow. Now learn came to him in Kazan. In 1986, Kazan hosted the All-Union seminar for participants who became a real discovery fashion theater "Lik" with its unique fur collection. Fur was skate Bogachev, and it is specifically for this workshop created this theater. But "The Face" did not become a sensation one-day, he experienced himself Minbyt successfully working now, 15 years later.

Restructuring and ensuing reforms have jeopardized the existence of the industry. Political authorities have decided to privatize in the first place in the sphere of trade and services. Bogachev was opposed to this. He was convinced that no matter who the owner is, it is important that the property effectively works, let`s profits. And if you privatize it for real money. Which it was a private trader can afford Fashion House "Ildan"? And who needs fashion theater "Lik"? Why ruin that was created over the years? Asking such questions, until 1993, Eugene B. held in the hands of the industry, and it is kept afloat. But in 1993 Bogachev resigned as minister. In his place, no one is appointed - about Minbyt simply forgotten, and he soon ordered to live long.

Long before that, in 1989, Eugene B. won the first of these - the alternative elections of deputies to the first Congress of People`s Deputies of the RSFSR. And he defeated four rivals-Tatars in the area with only the Tatar population. He was a deputy group, defended the interests of the autonomous republics. He voted against mindless market reforms. In 1993, MP E.B.Bogachev was among those who stayed until the last day in the House of the Soviets, until he was shot and taken by storm.

In the same year, at the session of the Republic of Tatarstan on the recommendation of the President of the Supreme Council M. Sh Shaimiev Eugene B. Bogachev he was elected chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Tatarstan. He had to plunge into the banking problems, no less acute than minbytovskie. Ostro was the issue of shortage of cash - businesses could not pay wages, although the money was in the accounts. It comes in an emergency order to deliver tons of banknotes aircraft. The problem of settlements also require urgent action. The money went for weeks or even months. Payment documents were lost and tampered. Domestic walked fake memo. It was necessary as soon as possible to move to electronic payments, to update bank technology, the entire banking system.

Life enjoyed frantic pace, when the head seemed to spin. However, having headed the National Bank, Bogachev a radical restructuring in no hurry, the work does not interfere with an established and engaged in the first place its commonplace. In a short time established for employees of the bank model system services, including a health center, a canteen, a pastry shop, shop, hairdresser, laundry, dry cleaning and even a shoe repair shop, on which there has never dreamed could not. For the employees of the bank, it was, perhaps, the most conspicuous of all the banking reforms. Simultaneously reconstructed interiors, updated furniture. There have been modernized and equipped with the latest information means all units of the bank. Soviet stationery style that prevailed in the bank for many years, was finally supplanted by a new - European.

Of course, the work Bogachev was not reduced to a revolution in the sphere of everyday life. Although it was she who helped win the confidence of the team, it is not easy to host their corporate family of people from the outside. Soon Eugene B. decided to carry out the promised project - to build a second wing of an historic building of the State Bank. Idea supported by the President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, the Central Bank has been allocated funds. In parallel with the construction of a new Bogachev had to conduct the reconstruction of the old wing, not breaking with the usual schedule of the bank. The renewed building of the National Bank was the decoration of Kazan. Families of dilapidated communal street Bauman moved into comfortable new apartments. In practice, this initiative took its beginning the presidential program of liquidation of dilapidated housing in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Gradually Bogachev identified prospects for the main bank of the country, he proposed and implemented a new strategy and tactics, integrated program to support the commercial banks. This allowed to get out of a series of crisis with minimal losses. Summarizing the experience with banks in the years of reform and crisis, Evgeny Borisovich defended his thesis and began in February 1998, doctor of economic sciences.

Today Tatarstan banking system - one of the most efficient in Russia for the development of the network, in terms of technology, in terms of aggregate bank capital. The Republic is at the forefront, not only on the total number of credit institutions, and this is the first place - in the Volga Federal District, the ninth - among all the regions of Russia. By the number of major banks - 1st place in the Volga Federal District and 2nd place - the Russian Federation.

In 1996, the project was created Bogachev Reserve Fund of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan for the solution of urgent social and economic problems facing the republic. a unique tool promptly solve some financial problems has been established, further stimulating the major branches of the republican industry, supporting the largest producers.

In 1996, the Eugene B. was awarded the Order of Friendship, and a year later - the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church, Prince Daniel of Moscow of III degree. He handed his own Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II during a visit to the National Bank. It has been estimated aid chief banker country church. With the assistance of Bogachev restored Raif male monastery near Kazan Virgin, restored a number of churches. Restored churches and monasteries on the island-town Sviyazhsk. To create a fund for support and development of historical-architectural and natural complex "Raif-Sviyazhsk". Bogachev directs the Board of Trustees of the Fund. Evgeny Borisovich - Member of the State Council - the Parliament of the Republic. For the second time he is in it the same constituency - that rarity: not every MP will risk a second time to ask for support from voters. Only the one that they did not disappoint.

In the fall of 1998, President Shaimiev appealed to Bogachev with a request to take under his wing basketball club "UNICS", which could be a catalyst for the development of sports in the country and work for its prestige. It was a complete surprise for Bogachev. Basketball, he did not know. Banking took the chairman of the National Bank 16 hours a day. And if you deal with a club like chem-to minor, success is not achieved. But Eugene B. saw new business opportunities and large agreed.

Modern great sport, and basketball - is no exception - it is, above all, financial resources. They searched the whole world: helping the President Mintimer Shaimiev, Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov and Minister of Finance Robert Musin.

The second task - to find class coach - decided not immediately, but dramatically. The team led by the pupils of the famous CSKA class experts, first EV Kovalenko, then - one of the best coaches in Europe, Stanislav Eremin. Before coaches set the task - to make the "UNICS" one of the best teams in the country, winners of the championship of Russia, to enter the European level. The club secured resources. All this has allowed the team to create the real masters.

However, the main goal that set himself Yevgeny Borisovich - make basketball popular in Kazan and the republic. The first results are well known to sports fans: the team "Unics" (Kazan) has become one of the favorites for the championship of the country, the bronze medal in the Russian Super League, and then - silver (season 2000/2001). Basketball in Kazan has become so popular that fans no longer accommodate the largest hall of the city at the Sports Palace. Bogachev is going on - in the end of 2000 was filled with the first pile at the construction of Basket-hall on 7500 seats. In summer 2002, the first scheduled match with "UNICS". Russian Basketball Federation has named Eugene Borisovich man of the year. He was elected chairman of the board of trustees of the Russian Basketball Federation.

As before, the rear stable family. In Bogachev a son Bogdan. Late son - God-given. By this time the wife Lily Chulpanovna worked in the Tatsotsbanke. She graduated KFEI and grew up in the bank to the head of the Securities Department. Three years after the birth of her son she did not work. A year ago, he became the director of the Kazan branch of Impekbanka. The eldest daughter, Olga went in the footsteps of their parents - learning on the 2nd course of the Kazan Financial and Economic Institute. Evgeniy Borisovich the question. Did he become rich, his name, jokes: I`m not rich, I`m wealthy - I took.

EB Bogachev - author of the books "The potential for success, we have" (1998), "Direct Speech" (2001), as well as articles in domestic and foreign periodicals: "Tatarstan model - Myths and Reality" (1997), "Tatarstan - Gate the East "(London, 1997)," Era of mercy "," Chief investment Bank - President`s reserve Fund "," The main goal - financial stability, "Development of freedom (The Sunday Telegraph, 1998).

Labor Merit EB Bogachev awarded the title "Honorary Radio Operator" (1971), "Honored Worker of public services of the RSFSR" (1984), "Honored Economist of the Republic of Tatarstan" (1999), Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Tatarstan (1992), Certificate of Merit of the Republic of Tatarstan (1997) .

In 2001, Eugene B. Bogachev celebrated its 60th anniversary. August 25 birthday, he received the Order of Prince Daniel of Moscow, II degree, which is perceived as a patriarchal blessing for new things for which to be ashamed.

In his spare time, Eugene B. loves to read, like hunting, billiards, basketball.

Lives and works in Kazan.