Evgenia Melnikova

Picture of Evgenia Melnikova

Date of Birth: 06/27/1909

Age: 92

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

Website: Celebrities

Eugene K. Melnikov. Wonderful actress, who plays eccentric Raya in the comedy "The Circus", and then embodied on the screen gallery mothers and grandmothers. The movie came in the late 20`s, played charming girls-contemporaries. The best part - Galya Bystrov in the film "pilots".

It was after the "Flyers" Melnikov and noticed Alexandrov and Orlova, ready to shoot, "Circus." While working on the film, the actress became friends, but after the premiere of Lyubov Orlova Evgenia Melnikova said: "Genia, I have not played a role ... I`m going to play the Soviet heroines". And Eugene K. realized that more into her Grigory Alexandrov`s films are not removed.

And so it happened. But soon Melnikov received an invitation from the director Yudin to star in the comedy "The Girl with the character", the script of which was written precisely for it. But the actress at that time was pregnant and refused to shoot. Standing in front of a choice - a movie or a child - she chose the latter.

In the movie, she returned after the war and immediately moved to the role of age. Eugene K. played mothers in the film "School of courage", "It was in Penkovo", "colleagues", then - grandmothers in the paintings of "The Snow Queen", "The Diamond Arm", "I do not want to be an adult." Over the last work she received the State Prize of Russia. More Evgeny Melnikov in the movie was not filming.

Honored Artist of Russia (1969).

In 1930 he graduated from the State College of Cinematography. From 1930 to 1937 - the actress Mosfilm Studios, in 1937-1938 - at the Theater of the Soviet Army. In 1938-1945 - at the studio Soyuzdetfilm. In 1945-1991 - actress Studio Theatre actor.

Actor`s work: 1. Graceful Life - 1932 (comedy)

2. Pilots - 1935 (Kinopovest) ... Galya Bystrov

3. Circus - 1936 (Romance) ... Raya

4. School of courage - 1954 ()

5. Leaving Certificate - 1954 (Kinopovest)

6. Black Sea - 1957 (comedy)

7. It was in Penkovo ??- 1957 (Romance)

8. When the trees were big - 1961 (Drama)

9. Colleagues - 1963 (Drama)

10. Goodbye, boys! - 1966 ()

11. Snow Queen - 1966 (Cartoon / Fairy Tale)

12. Polynin Case - 1971 (Romance)

13. I do not want to be an adult - 1982 ()