Evgenia Bulba

Picture of Evgenia Bulba

Date of Birth: 12/25/1915

Age: 100

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Ukraine

The outbreak of the war

She was born in Odessa, in Slobodka. She lived a wealthy family - his father worked as a loader, the mother was a housewife. Husband Eugene Kuzminichna - Paul Bulba - worked as the assistant captain of a merchant ship. In 1940 he was taken to the training, the submarine fleet in the school; then the war began, and Paul went straight to Murmansk; his wife he would be able to see again only in 1946.

In March 1941, she gave birth to a son, Eugene; she lived at the time in her husband`s family.

For Odessa war started absolutely suddenly; June 23 th the city has been bombed. Eugene lived near the port, one of the main goals of the Germans; probably that`s why one of the first bombs fell in the house next door.

She moved into the house with his family - he was far away from the port, so that there were safer. The raids still continued; however, they were accompanied by bombings is not always the case.

After some time, the Red Army retreated; the city began anarchy. It continued, however, long - Romanians went to Odessa. Almost immediately began pogroms against the Jews; gallows were standing right at the market.

Young people are often attracted to Odessa for the construction of lines of defense; Eugene has not yet fully recovered from childbirth, so that as the labor force is not interested occupiers. During this period, she never had a chance encounter with the German forces - only with Romanians. After, when the Germans were retreating on all fronts, some of them passed through Odessa; however, at the time of their army was a frankly pathetic.

In the trade was permitted during the occupation; in-law Eugene, Nikodim Nikolaevich, provided the entire family selling hardware. Military action itself Bulba hardly touched - everything was somehow passed. Hodilisluhi that somewhere in the catacombs of the guerrillas are hiding, but in heart of the city was quiet. Soviet aviation city is almost not affected - only at the very beginning of the war, and then - at the end of it.

Odessa was released on April 10, 1944. Eugene at that time moved back to her husband`s parents. The Red Army looked quite unpresentable; people, however, did not pay attention to the appearance and vehemently welcomed the soldiers-liberators. Of course, they immediately all possible resources were provided; people sacrificed had their food and feeding our soldiers.