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Don (p. February 1, 1937) and Phil (b. January 19 ,1939) was born into a musical family and in small years were recruited parents to participate in the musical radioprogrammah.Uzhe in 1953, Don wrote the song "Thou Shalt Not Steal", which took in his repertoire Chet Atkins.

The father realizedthat sons have to take seriously, and sent them to pester record companies.After many failures brothers finally took in "Cadence Records". This firm and released their single "Bye Bye Love", who finished in 1957, second place in the American charts. This release is anticipated string of hits, issued on the same "Cadence" - "Wake Up Little Susie", "All I Have to Do Is Dream", "Bird Dog","(` Til) I Kissed You " and " When Will I Be Loved ". Students relished unique feature sound "Everly brothers", combines country, rock`n`roll, blues and rockabilly.

In 1960, the brothers went to the "Cadence" and signed a contract with the then young firm "Warner Bros".

This is where the little mentioned,but Don and Phil have made a considerable contribution to the acquisition of the label majeure status.

Everly Everly brothersK himself as a big commercial success came exactly on the "Warner". Ih first single on etomleyble instantly became a hit and has occupied the top of the charts.Two subsequent LPs have become one of the best rock albums of the early 60 - ies. For some time, their service in the military career was interrupted by the brothers. They then studied for six months at the actors, but it was never destined to play in some kind of films. In 1962, Don, fascinated by the drug nearly died from an overdose,but fortunately he was able to pump out. By the time the star "Everly brothers" began to slowly go under, and their single "That`s Old Fashioned" last time was in the top ten.

Albums that time become some erratic and careless, although Everly continued to write pretty nice things, get in the charts.the duo`s popularity in the US has dropped substantially, but on the other side of the Atlantic their work continued to be in demand.

Everly brothersNesmotrya the fact that plastinkiredko got in the charts, the public always perceived "Everly brothers" with enthusiasm, and tours were a great success. By the early `70s all-brothersafter thoroughly fed up with each other, and this affected the quality of the album. In 1973, Don and Phil decided to terminate the joint activities and pursue a solo career. Both were engaged mostly country music, and quite uspeshno.Sobrav decade heap laurels on the field of country music,brothers were reunited once again and rolled two grand concerts in London "Albert Hall". During the reunion was followed by the release of new album, confirmed the excellent reputation "Everly brothers". In 1986, the Everly Brothers were inducted into the Hall of Fame Rok`n`rolla.Etot nice duo continue to continue his work,for which in 1997 he received the "Lifetime Achievement Award", making the company Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, "Rolling stones" and other heroes of rock`n`roll.

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