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Birthday: 8/18/1969, the

Age: 46 years

Place of birth: Valley Stream, New York, USA

Citizenship: SShAOriginalnoe name: Eric Sroda

Original name: Erik Schrody


Everlast (real name - Erik Schrody),born 18 August 1969 in the village of Valley Stream (New York), first appeared on the scene in 1989 in the project Ice-T, called the Rhyme Syndicate.

Ice-T Steels executive producer of the first album of Eric, called "Forever Everlasting". But fame came to him later - established in 1992 in Los Angeles a group of House Of Pain,still remains perhaps the most successful white rap collective. Everlast Also, there were present Leor "DG Lethal" Dimant (who produced, incidentally, is the first Sugar Ray album, and later joined with Limp Bizkit) and Danny "Danny Boy" O`Connor. Their debut hit "Jump Around" filled the radio and teleefir.U I still brings cheeks at the thought of inimitable in its meticulous and boring songs. "... And jump around, jump around. .." - all booze with rappers in the early 90 -x is passed by the accompaniment. Whole band has released three albums - the first comprising of the aforementioned hit single, the name did not have - "Nouse Of Pain" (1992)came out then, "The same as ever" (1994) and "Truth crushed to earth shall rise again" (1996) - after which they decided to kill their own offspring (Everlast left the band in the last day of the album`. s release). During the existence of the group Everlast had to withdraw in the 1993 thriller "Judgment Night",and together they appeared in the comedy Who`s The Man. In 1993, Everlast was arrested at New York airport named John. F. Kennedy when trying to smuggle weapons registered. In 1997he converted to Islam. In 1998, the last day of work on a solo album "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues", Everlast, who took Now another alias -Whitey Ford,suffers a severe heart attack, after which he set in the heart of an artificial valve. Album predstalyal a mixture of rap, alternative, and blues, but in terms of text -a sort of collection of stories, stories from the life of cheerless. Stories about greed, failed destinies and death. The album went triple "platinum".Novy album "Eat At Whitey`s" - Album personal experiences. According to Eric, he tried to withdraw into himself and analyze all the events that occurred in his life "A lot of my songs are about death, or a near-death experience. .." -. Says Everlast - "... On this album I considered these aspects of life,which have not even thought before Like the first album ,. a collection of stories, but the story is not about other people, and about me, "Everlast is no longer trying to build from a gangster untethered -. He is ready at your own risk, like a true artist, put on display his soul After the album`s release,Everlast went on a tour with someone who is very. respected - with Carlos Santana "An amazing man who simply loves music and who does not care that his album razash

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