Picture of Everclear

God Birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Citizenship : United States


EVERCLEAR was founded in 1992 in Portland, Oregon.The group openly imitated Nirvana, even vocalist Alexakis dyed his hair white like Cobain. After the release ep `` White Trash Hell` they were signed to Capitol Records by Gary Gersh, who led the case Nirvana and Sonic Youth at the company Geffen Records. In 1995 they released their debut album on the firm Sparkle and Fade,He earned a lot of praise, and who had a commercial success. Everclear The group, which is considered to be in North America, one of the strongest teams, released a new album (on 01.06.2001) . In Europe, this team is relatively unknown, and perhaps correct the position of the plate output with a long name `` SONGS FROM AN AMERICAN MOVIE, VOLUME ONE:LEARNING HOW TO SMILE``. This translates as `` Songs of American cinema, the first album - learn ulybatsya``. Art Alexakis : `` When doing something one quickly gets used stareesh.Publika and pushes you in a cage. If you played rock from you only require a rock if the sweet pop music, the demand escheslasche. We do not want to be limited and try raznoobranye things. And if we get tired - Loans simple office rabotoy.`` the new album sound became more democratic. Horn section added pop intonatsiy.Vmeste the same time, the basis of this music lie 60th and 70th years. In fact, this record was conceived ,album as a solo vocalist and guitarist Everclear - Art Alexakis. But the musician has decided that the songs will sound better in the traditional composition and proposed work on them and drummer Greg Eklundui bassist Craig Montoya. It should be noted that Art was working on an album under the impression divorce with his wife and son by excommunication. Moreover, the process touched the musician so hard that he even spoke in the Congress at a hearing of the new law on child support

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