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Year of birth : 2002

Age: 13 years

Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship : United States


Acoustic pop - punk band `Even in Blackouts`, known by the acronym ` EiB`, was formed in 2002 in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago,Illinois). Founded by a group of pop - punk guitarist veteran John ` Dzhaghed` Pearson (John` Jughead` Pierson), after the collapse of the pop -punk band `Screeching Weasel`, in which he played from 1986 th.

The heart of the group was the leading vocalist Liz Eldridge (Liz Eldredge) and Pearson, although `Even in Blackouts` complement and other musicians. The group has received high marks from critics and fans alike for his musicality and ability to always discover something new in the pop-punk format. Special mention deserve Energy and intimate setting `Even in Blackouts` during ` zhivyh` performances.

The band`s history begins in Sicily (Sicily), where guitarist and veteran punkRock John Pearson came to his friends, a group of Italian `The Manges`, after the split ` Screeching Weasel`. Pearson rented the apartment to get a good rest, but even there for a while could not pull away from the music. As a result, he wrote the song `Missing Manifesto`. Then, Pearson decided to create a first acoustic punk in the worldgroup by the name of `Even in Blackouts`, alluding to the fact that his team will be able to continue to play, even if the electricity is cut off.

Back in Chicago, Pearson set out to find the young musicians to dial the group. Soon Eldridge became its lead singer. Producer Dzhiordzhini Mass (Mass Giorgini) spotted Eldridge ,when she was waiting for some friends, are recorded in the studio `Sonic Iguana Recording Studio`, and introduced her to Pearson.

Initially, the founder of `EiB` counted only for concerts, but at the end of 2002, the guys from the ` Even in Blackouts` still recorded a debut album, `Myths & Imaginary Magicians`.Album of 2,000 copies was released on his own label Pearson and became available in online music store `Interpunk`. As soon as fans hear `Screeching Weasel` ` Myths & Imaginary Magicians`, they are instantly snapped up all available copies, and Pearson reissued the album on the label `Lookout! Records` in March 2003. In trek-Release list included some covers, including songs `Hey Suburbia` group ` Screeching Weasel`, `Knowledge` group ` Operation Ivy` and `Only You` British synthpop duo ` Yazoo`.

In December 2008, Pearson said the imminent disintegration `Even in Blackouts`. The last concert was held March 14, 2009 th, in the basement of the Pearson.

5 April 2009-the label of `Little Mafia Records` presented ` EiB` album titled `Thresholds From The Basement`, which included a cover version of the song ` Randy Scouse Git` pop-rock group `The Monkees`

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