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Year of birth : 1995

Age: 21 yearBirthplace : Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Citizenship : SShAEvanescence : Ephemeral and music

`Evanescence` translated to English means` ischeznovenie`, ` efemernost`. It is called an American rock band that exists since 1995. Amazing, clear voice of singer Amy Lee (Amy Lee) is really able to immerse the listener into a state ,when the world seems to be ephemeral and fleeting, and the beauty of the music takes on a special meaning.

Rock band `Evanescence` was created by two passionate music teenagers - Amy Lee and Ben Moody (Ben Moody). They met in 1994 at a summer youth camp in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA). 13-old young pianist Amy Lee drew the attention of 14 -year-old Ben Moody, when playing a song of the American rock singer Mita Loaf (Meat Loaf). Ben won a strong, beautiful voice of Amy and her talented piano playing.

Soon, a new rock band, which was to win the hearts of millions of people around the world. Emmy became its lead singer ,and Ben - gitaristom.Vnachale group was given the name `Childish Intentions`, then ` Stricken`, but in the end settled on `Evanescence`, which means ` efemernost`, ischeznovenie` ` ` ugasanie`. As Moody and Lee write songs, which are then mutually edited. Therefore, it was considered joint authorship. At the very beginning of their work the song `My Immortal` was written, later became a hit. Song children broadcast on the local radio station, and soon became recognizable. And the moment when the musicians performed live. The group quickly started to gain popularity.

The first demo recording appeared in 1998 - mini-album of the same name `Evanescence`. A year later, part of the musical group added keyboardist and backing vocalist David Hodges (David Hodges). The first full-length demo on CD limited edition came out in 2000 (album `Origin`). 2,500 copies of the disc is completely dispersed in the concerts of the group. The young team became interested in popular label `Wind-up Records`, which is engaged in the publication of his first full-length album ` Fallen` (2003). By the time the group had new members: guitarist John Lecompte (John LeCompt) and drummer Rocky Gray (Rocky Gray). At the same time, David Hodges left the `Evanescence` in 2002 izdisagreements over the musical direction of the group (in contrast to the other participants, it is preferred to perform the ` Christian rok`) . `Fallen` album has sold 17 million copies worldwide and helped the band win two ` Gremmi` Prize. Famous songs from that album (`Bring Me to Life` and ` My Immortal`) became the soundtrack for ` Sorvigolova` (` Daredevil`), released by Warner Bros. `20th Century Fox`.

In 2003, the group added bassist Will Boyd (Will Boyd). And in October of the same year `Evanescence` left its main songwriter, guitarist and co-founder Ben Moody. It happened during a tour of Europe and was a surprise for the fans. The reason - the creative differences. Later Amy commented on this: ` Ben tried to create popular songs by the majority of people who are fast becoming popular. I was mostly interested in writing quality, unique muzyki`. In place of Ben Moody came Terry Balsamo (Terry Balsamo). Already in the new line-up, the band released a live album `Anywhere but Home`. The disk, in addition to a concert in Paris, written especially musicians backstage life. The album has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Regular changes in the `Evanescence` occurred in 2006 when bassist Will Boyd left the band, wanting to ` be closer to his seme`. Soon, Amy Lee said that team byvshigitarist `Revolution Smile` Tim McCord (Tim McCord) is now a new bassist ` Evanescence`.

Preparing for the next album was slow. This had several reasons, among them : the desire Emmy concentrate on creativity and not to hurry, the participation of other members of the group of third-party projects, Terry Balsamo `s disease and their care manager. But in spite of all obstacles, in October 2006, the album `The Open Door` was released. Almost immediately the band went on a world tour with his new compositions. `The Open Door` sold over 5 million copies.

In May 2007, John Lecompte announced that he was fired from the group. In support of the other team he left and Rocky Gray.They were replaced by drummer Will Hunt (Will Hunt) and guitarist Troy Maklouhorn (Troy McLawhorn) from the group `Dark New Day`. The activity of the musicians came a creative break. Amy spent her time away from the group with her new husband Josh Hartslerom (Josh Hartzler).

On the preparation of material for the next album, Amy Lee announced in June 2009, promisingthat the new composition will be better, stronger and more interesting than the previous ones. Out next musical masterpieces held in 2011. In support of their new album, entitled `Evanescence` band went on world tour ended in November 2012 speech at the stadium ` Wembley Arena` in London (London). After that, Li said ,that the musicians take a long break, as usual at the end of a long tour.

However, during this break vocalist could not complain of boredom or lack of vivid impressions. In January 2014 Amy on his page in Twitter has announced that she is pregnant. In July 2014 the family was a significant event - the birth of son Jack.

In the same year there was a conflict with the `Wind-up Records`, and the group was released from the label, becoming independent. In August of 2015 he left the band Terry Balsamo. In his place, suddenly a woman came - Majuro Jen (Jen Majura) of the collective `Equilibrium`.Around the same time, resumed performances `Evanescence`.

`Evanescence` group and its lead singer Amy Lee repeatedly received various awards, including the world.

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