Eugeniy Zolotov

Picture of Eugeniy Zolotov

Date of birth: 29.04.1992

Age: 1

Place of Birth: Tula

Citizenship: Russia

Academician of the Academy Sciences

E. Zolotov was born in the city of Tula in 1922. In 1939 he went to study at the Moscow State University in the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, which is not completed due to the start of WWII. In the Soviet Army from 29.04.1942 on 09.30.1969. He participated in the battles of Moscow.

Then he was called to the Military Artillery Academy named after F. Dzerzhinsky, from which he graduated in 1944 (Faculty of arms). Upon completion of the Academy from September 1947 to the end of the service he worked in the Research Institute of the Academy of firing flak artillery troops, which was transferred from Moscow to Evpatoria: Researcher, Senior Researcher, Head of Department, Deputy Head of the Department. Member of the CPSU since 1955.

In 1962 he defended his first doctoral dissertation at the institute. Their work has made a significant contribution to the creation and improvement of the anti-missile air defense forces of the country.

Demobilized in 1969 with the rank of colonel-engineer (awarded 09.10.1962), continued his scientific activity in the Kalinin Polytechnic Institute. In 1970, the department has created here "Automated Control Systems" (MIS).

In 1968 he received the title of professor.

In 1970 he was invited to work in the Far East Scientific Center of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR for the creation and development of institutions regionenauchnyh physico-mathematical and technical profile. In the same year he was elected a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. From 1970 to 1972 he headed the Department of Applied Mathematics, Khabarovsk Complex Research Institute of Far Eastern Scientific Center of the USSR. From 1972 to 1980 - Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences FESC.

In 1981, EV Zolotov became director he established the Computing Center of the USSR Academy FESC in Khabarovsk, a member of the Presidium of the Far Eastern Scientific Center, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Chairman of the Board on the physico-mathematical and technical sciences FESC USSR.

Khabarovsk EV Zolotov put together a unique team of researchers in the field of medicine of the East - doctors, biophysics, systems analysts, programmers. Since 1986, after the organization of their Medical Informatics Laboratory (headed by its MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Ionichevsky VA) Computing Center researchers conducted the study of socio-cultural, health and environmental, historical and geographical processes in the Far East.

Among his students was more than 20 professors.

In 1987, EV Zolotov was elected an academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

He died in Moscow and was buried in Tver on Dmitrovo-Cherkassky cemetery.