Eugen Weidmann

Picture of Eugen Weidmann

Date of Birth: 09/05/1908

Age: 30

Place of birth: Frankfurt

Citizenship: France

`Last kaznennyy` publicly

Eugen Weidmann was born September 5, 1908 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), a businessman in the family (his father was engaged in export business). There is also the boy went to school. When the country swept the first outbreak of the First World War, Eugene sent to grandparents. Then little Eugene began to make his first theft, but was caught in the act of his only 20 years - for the robbery, he served five years in prison Saarbr & # 252; cken. There he made friends with two types, a zillion Roger (Roger Million) and Jean Blanc (Jean Blanc), who would later become his accomplices in the crimes committed. Upon release, they decided to stick together and rob the rich tourists visiting France. Given this aim, they moved to France, where Weidman rented one of the villas in Saint-Cloud (Saint-Cloud), near Paris (Paris).

The first attempt of kidnapping ended in failure, because the victim is too much resisted, forcing criminals to let her go. Nevertheless, the persistent trio did not give up, and in July 1937 they made a second attempt. It so happened that Weidman had met with 22-year-old Jean de Koven (Jean De Koven), a dancer from New York, who came to Paris to visit his aunt. Impressed tall and handsome German, De Koven wrote to a friend in New York: `I have just met a charming, highly intelligent Germans, who introduced himself to me as Siegfried. Maybe I`ll get a new role, who knows? I`m going to see him tomorrow, in a very beautiful place - at his villa, located near the famous mansion, donated by Napoleon Zhozefine`.

After meeting, they smoked a lot and `Zigfrid` offered the girl a glass of milk, which was a drug. Gene satellite pictures of your new camera, which later will find near her body and ready to present pictures killer. On the same day Weidman strangled his new friend and buried in the basement of their rented villa. Pretending that she kidnapped, Eugene and his accomplices sent a letter Sakheymu (Sackheim) - Uncle de Koven, demanding to give them $ 500 for the return of her niece. A little later he came to France Brother Jean Henry and announced a reward of 10,000 francs to anyone who could provide information about the disappearance of his sister. However, all his attempts were in vain, because the girl was dead.

The next victim was the driver Weidman named Joseph Cuff (Joseph Couffy), whom he had hired for the trip to the French Riviera (French Riviera). When the car, driving tour (Tours), walked through the forest, Eugene asked the driver to stop and shot in the head, and then took the Cuff 2500 francs and car. New killing not long in coming, and already on September 3 Weidman for a couple with a zillion brought into the forest Jeanine Keller (Janine Keller), works a personal nurse, and in one of the caves in the forest of Fontainebleau (Forest of Fontainebleau) Weidman put a gun to her head. As Joseph Cuff, she received a bullet in the head, after having lost the 1400 francs and a diamond ring.

October 16, reiterated the criminals themselves. In this day and zillion Weidman an appointment with a theatrical producer Roger Leblond (Roger LeBlond), promising to invest a large sum in one of his stage shows. Instead, Roger took the wallet, which turned out to be 5000 francs and Weidman finished his next victim, as well as the previous two.

Plundering and killing, Weidman longer just could not stop, and on November 22, he again committed a crime, robbing and killing the young German Fritz Frommer (Fritz Frommer), which met in another prison. Fritz was serving a sentence for his anti-fascist convictions. His body Weidman buried in the basement of a villa in Saint-Cloud, in the same place and Jean de Koven. Five days later, Eugene committed another murder, this time recently. His victim was Lezobre Ramon (Raymond Lesobre), agent real estate. His Weidman shot at a time when Lezobre examined the house in Saint-Cloud, ostensibly for sale. The killing brought Veydmanu profit of five thousand francs.

Officers to fight crime from the main national security department, headed by a young inspector watched Veydmanom since the latter left his business card in Lezobre office and found out where Eugene lives. Already approaching the villa, Weidman sensed something was wrong - he saw two policemen waiting for him. Portraying the hospitality and politely inviting them to enter the house, Eugene turned and fired three times. The wounded officers were unarmed and the last effort Weidman knocked to the ground. Fortunately Nearby lay a hammer, and they took advantage of, after which the killer had lost consciousness and was taken to jail.

As a prisoner, Weidman was very amenable, confessed to all the crimes committed by them, but only one thing he regretted the murder - the murder of a dancer de coven. Witnesses said that with tears in his eyes, he said: `She was so gentle and trusting ... When I reached to her neck, she just went limp as kukla`.

Soon zillion, his mistress Collette Tricot (Collette Tricot), which was also involved in their affairs, and Blank were behind bars. The trial of the murders took place in March 1939 in Versailles and was the loudest process over the past 18 years after the case of Henry Desire Landru (Henri D & # 233; sir & # 233; Landru), killer nicknamed `Blue Boroda`.

Weidman and zillion received upon conviction highest measure, while Blank received a total of 20 months in prison and a million mistress was justified.

June 17, 1939 in Versailles hosted penalty Eugene Weidman. Who conducted the execution of the executioner, Jules Henri Defourny (Jules-Henri Desfourneaux) for unknown reasons, he insisted that the execution was appointed GMT. The request to satisfy it, and as a result, contrary to the rules, the execution took place in the afternoon, which attracted a lot of onlookers. Their behavior was so inadequate that the government has decided once and for all abandon the public executions. Before his execution on Weidman area gave the whole idea, hysterically, begging for God`s forgiveness. He was beheaded in front of the crowd.

This last public execution filmed on tape from the house, adjacent to the prison from a private apartment, whose windows overlook the square.

Roger zillion a year spent in prison awaiting execution, but was pardoned by the president and his death penalty was replaced by life imprisonment.