Erve Geymar

Picture of Erve Geymar

Place of birth: Savoy

Citizenship: France


In France, during the presidency of Jacques Chirac, more and more young professionals coming to key positions in the state. Rising Star team Chirac called the new Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry 44-year-old Herve Geymara. The Cabinet this post is considered the second most important after the premiere. Preceded Geymara - Nicolas Sarkozy - elected chairman of the ruling Union for a Popular Movement and position can not combine the two positions.

Geymar - a native of Savoy, from a simple family. His father - a poor trader shoes. A graduate of the Higher School of Administration, which graduated many famous French politicians, businessmen and public figures. He considers himself a follower of the ideas of General de Gaulle, and does not hide it, as well as sympathy for the current president. Political career began in the previous center-right government headed by Alain Juppe, where he held a number of senior postov.V current cabinet of Jean-Pierre Raffarin in 2002 - Minister of Agriculture.

He is fond of literature, the author of several essays and literary works. A staunch Catholic, like his wife, Clara, who also studied at the Higher School of Administration. Bishop - Geymara test. The couple has eight children.