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Place of Birth : Detroit, USA

Citizenship : United States

Jewelry House for celebrities

`Erickson Beamon` -American jewelry brand with a thirty-year history, which is very popular among celebrities.

Among those who are happy to appear in jewelry from `Erickson Beamon` - Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) and Lovely Blake (Blake Lively), Shakira (Shakira) and Barbara Streisand (Barbara Streisand),Madonna (Madonna) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson) and Penelope Cruz (Penelope Cruz). Ves list of star clients brand would take more than one page. Welcome to the universe, where the glittering snowflakes turn into exquisite earrings, bracelets where black roses bloom ,and the space is measured by yards of pearls ! Created by the natives of Detroit (Detroit), Karen (Karen Erickson) and Erik Erikson (Eric Erickson) and his girlfriend Vicki Beamon (Vicki Beamon), the company `Erickson Beamon` emerged from the burst of spontaneity, which for several decades, is moving brand forward and forward.Working with local designer on his first fashion show at the beginning of the 80s, Karen Erickson discovered that she did need a new jewelry. But, decorated with rhinestones and beaded suede, she did not know that by doing so laid the foundation of the company, which soon will decorate the pages of `Vogue`.In 1985, the company `Erickson Beamon` opened its European division, this was followed by the opening of its flagship boutique in London`s Belgravia (Belgravia). Today jewelry from `Erickson Beamon` sold in 600 stores in 75 countries.

Although the collection has grown significantly over the past 30 years ,hallmark `Erickson Beamon` still aesthetics of jewelry made ??vruchnuyu.Esli go to their studio in West Chelsea (West Chelsea) to Manhattan (Manhattan), and there guests will see artists sitting in front of trays with crystals and semi-precious stones and carefully collecting each ornament by hand.And each ornament - this is the result of experiments Karen with pearls, colored crystals and chains and then are born completely unimaginable beauty of the earrings, rings and necklaces. If we consider how much creative energy invested in the creation of each brand`s collection, it is not surprisingthat `Erickson Beamon` willing to cooperate in the most famous fashion houses industry, including ` Donna Karan`, `John Galliano`,` Zac Posen`, `Givenchy`,` Anna Sui` and `Emanuel Ungaro`. According to the Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten (Dries Van Noten), `Erickson Beamon` - this glut of beauty and creativity. Jewelry from `Erickson Beamon` original and varied, any woman can pick out anything, no matter what style it is no dressing, from romance to hardcore, and this explains why it is often found big names in the brand stores ,by Kate Moss (Kate Moss) and Beyonce (Beyonce) to Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman).

The actress, designer, artist and model Daphne Guinness (Daphne Guinness) regularly comes to the photo shoot with suitcases full of her favorite jewelry `Erickson Beamon`.At the same time, designers created a `Erickson Beamon` crazy but wonderful things to Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) - a mask in the form of cells, studded with diamonds and lace mantilla in Spanish spirit -and a much more modest and discreet floral brooches and pearl necklaces for Michelle Obama (Michelle Obama).Equally inspired artistry has been immortalized in the collection of London`s Victoria and Albert Museum (Victoria & Albert Museum) and the Costume Institute of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (Metropolitan Museum). In addition, in 2003, after two decades since its inception, the company has received `Erickson Beamon` retrospective exhibition. Today, the jewelry house boasts a fine collection of jewelry, made ??in the style inherent in the brand, but because of diamonds and 18 - carat gold. In 2007, to the range of `Erickson Beamon` added points, and in February 2009 entered limited capsule collection ` Erickson Beamon for Target`.The following year debuted a new collection of `House Jewels`, consisting of frames, mirrors, chandeliers, boxes for jewelry, pillows, and much more to create a cozy and unique atmosphere in dome.Traditsii and skills - these are the main components of the style of the famous American brand, and now Karen and Eric are working together with their daughters ,Mandy (Mandie Erickson) and Monique (Monique Erickson). Future plans include the establishment of a global luxury brand with new lines - bags and shoes, as well as increased retail sales.

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