Eric Wolf

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Date of Birth: 02/01/1923

Age: 76

Place of birth: Vienna

Citizenship: Austria


Eric Wolf was born in Vienna into a Jewish family of Arthur George and Mary Ossinovsky. In 1933-1938 he lived in the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. at the Munich treaty the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia forced Wulf family flee the country to escape anti-Semitic persecution. First, she went to the UK (in 1938) and then in the United States, settling in New York.

Eric Wolfe participated in the Second World War he joined formed in July 1943, the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army and fought in 1943-1945 in its composition on the Italian front, where he was born his interest in the study of other cultures. After the war and the demobilization of a large part of the US military government has provided demobilized soldiers preferences in higher education. Like many of his comrades, Wolff did not fail to take advantage of opportunities conditions "Army Bill of Rights

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