Eric Mccormack

Picture of Eric Mccormack

Date of Birth: 04/18/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Toronto

Citizenship: Canada

Eric McCormack: GAY and a favorite of American housewives

But the main thing - it`s what it is now owned by the actor`s first title, showed housewives homosexuality.

For the "arithmetic mean" human concept of the series is associated with the housewife, leaving a trance from the beautiful stories about alien life, alien love, others cardboard passions ... But if you look, some of the series - is not just a visual gum. This is a tricky mechanism, into which you can put anything you want, and millions of unsuspecting townsfolk initially drawn into the narrative laid-back, and with the end of the last series will be a little different.

That series "stuffed" became "Will & Grace" (Will & Grace), the triumphal march across America for eight seasons. In the role of "stuffing" - the main character Will Truman, played by Eric McCormack (Eric McCormack). He will brought fame to the actor, numerous awards, including the "Emmy" for Best Actor in a Comedy Series and six nominations for "Golden Globe". And all this - perhaps the first time in human history got the actor playing a gay man. Moreover, not in some estetskomfilme, and the soap opera.

Eric McCormack was born April 18, 1963 in Calgary, Canada. As the son of an actor, he is using his father for three years studied acting at the prestigious School of Fine Arts at the University of Toronto. Five years Stradfordskom participated in the festival, where he played in Shakespeare`s "Midsummer Night`s Dream," "Henry V" and Chekhov`s "Three Sisters". "It was during my formation, maturation - to talk about this time in one of his interviews McCormack - From a little boy, I was turning into a man and if someone asks you need an actor to become a master of his craft, I say..:. play in the theater, this is the best possible training. "

In 1990, after moving to Vancouver actor`s life has changed - he started acting in the series. However, this glory was still far off - from all roles, only a few have made it a recognizable face. Fame came to Eric McCormack with the appearance of the series "Will & Grace": millions of fans, a lot of interviews, filming naked for fashion magazines ...

But the main thing - it`s what it is now owned by the actor`s first title, showed housewives homosexuality. The prime-time television series in front of millions of spectators, two men kiss! Slap in the Face of Public Taste, whatever you say about political correctness. Perhaps this TV kiss - akin to the trick Churchill, help to the German border. Similarly McCormack urinated on debate and reflection about homosexuality - is just love, and nothing else. Yet there remain a number of questions: what should be the actor playing a gay man; Does this difficult; perhaps only homosexual is capable of such a role?

"Will Truman became so palpable to me that I am constantly thinking about it, - said the actor about his character -.. When the shooting started, I was not particularly fond of Will It existed separately from me, but in the script, and seemed distant to me, inanimate . But I moved into his skin, and loved him with all my heart. Relationships Jack and Will are such that it was difficult to understand them, we have been afraid to play some scenes were afraid that the audience can it all wrong to regard. But then we just reported that we - this is only our heroes ... "

Now McCormack starts career as a musician, and released his album. In 2002, he played a role in the Broadway musical "The Music Man." He lives just two countries: the United States and Canada. In the United States, Eric works for Walt Disney Studios, and at home - shot his own film "Pirates." The actor is married to actress Janet Holden, and he has a son Finnegan.

Returning to the television series "Will & Grace", it should be noted that this series could appear, perhaps, only in a society in which there is tolerance and understanding, in which people are able to part with their hypocritical habits and limitations, in order to recognize - all People are different...