Eric Garcetti

Picture of Eric Garcetti

Date of Birth: 04/02/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Los Angeles

Citizenship: United States


Garcetti born February 4, 1971 in Los Angeles. His grandfather emigrated from Mexico in the early twentieth century. In Garcetti veins flows the blood of a Mexican father and a Jewish mother`s blood, whose ancestors emigrated from Russia.

Eric received an excellent education at the Harvard-Vestleykskoy high school and bachelor`s degree from Columbia University. As a student, Garcetti was a public activist - he was president of the literary community for 3 years acted in the student a piece of music and received a degree in International Relations at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. After Garcetti University as a Rhodes Scholar he studied at the London School of Economics and Oxford University.

In 2001, Eric was elected Garcetti in Los Angeles thought for the first time, and was subsequently re-elected in 2005 and in 2009 for re-election.

As a member of the City Council Garcetti did a lot for the improvement of Los Angeles. During his stay in the city power, it can be considered a merit economic and housing development, the successful development of environmental protection and ecological purity of the city, and active participation in the community life of the city, landscaping the surrounding area of ??Los Angeles and the solution of many other problems. During his second stint as chairman and member of the residential community as well as a member of the Economic Development Committee, Garcetti played an important role in shaping the $ 100 million target housing, at that time the largest fund in the United States.

Garcetti worked very hard to reform in order to reduce urban tax system, as well as for the development of Hollywood - it`s one of the main profitable parts of Los Angeles city budget.

In the field of Garcetti environmental improvements also made a lot. He is the author of the proposal to create a local business on a commercial basis, which is engaged in cleaning drains and waterways in Los Angeles. Thanks Garcetti in Los Angeles increased the number and total area of ??urban parks and green areas for the past 10 years.

It Garcetti began to improve communication networks in Los Angeles, repair and adjust the old and the construction of new housing estates, construction companies have started to use as directed Garcetti plumbing communication of the new standard, which helped greatly relieve the water supply and drain the city of communication, as well as improve the efficiency of treatment plants . This new system allowed to save Garcetti colossal figure - up to one billion gallons of water per year, for which he was awarded the