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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Citizenship : United States

Biographyamerikanskaya hardcore rap group

The group consisted of high school friends, M.C. and DJs Erick Sermon (Erick Sermon; p 25 November 1968 ;. also known under the pseudonyms E Double E, Green-Eyed Bandit, MC Grand Royal) and Parrish Smith (Parrish Smith) or PMD (p May 13, 1968.) . Their joint venture has been called austere EPMD, which stands for Erick And Parrish Making Dollars. The first single EPMD ItTs My Thing, recorded just three hours, sold half a million copies, and made superstars musicians RUN-DMC rank. Through skillful use of samples of George Clinton and James Brown, they were called the lords of funk. Many of today`s rap stars, such as, MOBB DEEP, WU-TANG CLAN and Puff Daddy, consider them to their teachers. The first album EPMD, "Strictly Business" and "Unfinished Business", became the " gold. "Among his early compositions are particularly popular with the public use You Gots To Chill, Strictly Business, So What Cha SayinT. At the turn of the 1990s. the duo signed a contract with "Def Jam" to release five albums, but managed to record only two : "Business As Usual" and "Business Never Personal" funk with hits Hardcore, ItTs Going Down, Rampage,Crossover and the continuation of the history of Jane, unfolding on the first four albums. The EPMD songs were the key themes of sex, drugs and psevdorepperov. In parallel with the performance in the EPMD, musicians, along with DAS EFX, Redman and K-Solo organized HIT SQUAD project ideologically directed against the mainstream and the over-commercialization of rap. In 1992, participants EPMD opened his own company "Shuma Managment", the president of which has become more business-like and agile Parrish Smith. Commercial disputes and the struggle for dominance in the business led to the collapse of the duo. After that, the band without much success doing their solo projects and producing activities. Finally, in mid- 1990ies. the duo returned to the scene with the album "Back In Business". Musicians have pleased old fans remake You Gots 2 Chill C97 and using classical guitar samples PUBLIC ENEMY Timebomb in "Never Seen Before". In December 1998 he appeared disc "Greatest Hits". Will it be the final product of the duo, only time will tell.

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