Enrike Geier

Picture of Enrike Geier

Date of Birth: 05/13/1928

Age: 88

Place of birth: Masaya

Nationality: Nicaragua


Nicaragua`s President is elected by popular vote for five years. The next elections - in November 2006.

Born May 13, 1928 in the Nicaraguan city of Masaya. He studied at the College Lezcano Iglesia Parrokialya, Sahles college at the University of St. Louis, Missouri (USA), the Central American Institute of Business Administration in Managua (Nicaragua). He headed a number of successful agro-industrial enterprises, including sugar, coffee and cotton plantations. After the expropriation of property by the government of the Sandinistas, led by Daniel Ortega in 1979, he entered politics. Headed by the National Union of Agricultural producers, Natsionalnuyupromyshlennuyu Chamber, the Supreme Council of entrepreneurs - an organization defending the interests of private property owners. In 1985 she acted with active critics of the regime and was arrested, but soon released. In 1990 he applied for leadership in the coalition of opposition parties and movements in the run-up to presidential elections. In 1996 he became vice-president under President Arnoldo Aleman, but in 2000 he resigned to run for the presidency of the ruling Liberal Constitutionalists. In 2001 he won the presidential election with 56.3% of the vote. January 10, 2002 declared the president.

He is married and has four children.