Enisa Bilajac

Picture of Enisa Bilajac

Age: 36

Citizenship: Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is the right to judge?

Enisa Bilayak (Enisa Bilajac) lives in Bosnia, she was 35 years old and she works a judge. And everything would be just fine if Enisa not like to dance naked, doing gymnastics on the windowsill, reading still naked, and all this - right on the job, on the windowsill of their own office. Of course, it is in any case did not do it during working hours - Enis `zastukali` early morning, a few hours before the start of the working day. Unknown photographer (according to some sources, it was fellow judge) captured Enis rocking nude news reading some papers, and simply sunbathing in the early morning sun. As it happens obychnoi, photos immediately appeared on the Internet.

He has burst scandal. disciplinary commission was convened. Enis Bilayak immediately accused of inappropriate behavior of a judge and was removed from service. As a result of the work of the commission Enis soon fired from his job with the wording `unacceptable behavior for sudi` and` damage the image of the Supreme suda`.

But this is still not the end of the story, because she Enisa, who knows too bad laws that were strongly disagrees with his dismissal. For example, she said that the law prohibiting it to produce all the marked recreational activities, does not exist. Indeed, it is unlikely at least in one of the world legislation explicitly states that it is forbidden to dance, do gymnastics naked and read on the windowsill.

Moreover, Enisa said that at this early hour in the office part of the building in front of it certainly did not expect to meet any of the workers or staff, therefore let herself go about their business, thinking that she was alone. The doors of her office were closed for key Bilayak not looking for witnesses of his conduct, and, therefore, in no way guilty. Moreover, it is in turn accused of invading the privacy of a photographer who still thought it best to remain anonymous.

As a result, Enis Bilayak `prostili` - it had already reached the Supreme Court, where it was decided that the disciplinary commission still got excited with the dismissal.

Bilayak reinstated in 2014, nearly a year after that memorable sunny morning, when it was so nice to soak up the morning sun`s rays on the windowsill.

It is not known what the Enisa until her case was heard first in the disciplinary committee, and then in court, but it can be assumed that, no matter how difficult it were not for the time of its physical form young woman still watched.