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Although this progressive team hails from San Francisco, the greatest popularity it has gained in Europe. By the way, the label " progressive " it does not quite fit, because the musicians are constantly trying to expand the genre by bringing the sound elements in hard rock, metal, alternative and even industrial.Yet the foundation of music "Enchant" was always prog rock with roots in the work of groups such as "Marillion", "Queensryche", "Kansas", "Yes" and the like. The group was founded in 1989 by guitarist Douglas Ott, keyboardist Michael " Benignus " Gamers and drummer Paul Kreddikom. Trinity recorded several demos ,and Ott served also vocal duties.

By 1992, the composition of the "Enchant" was beefed up with bassist Ed Platt and young singer Ted Leonard (ex- "Revelation). Strong team immediately began recording their debut album. Sessions " A blueprint of the world " took place in San Francisco and Liverpooland the English part was held under the supervision of guitarist "Marillion" Steve Rothery, who put in some of his solo album.

The sound of plates issued by the label "Dream circle" looked like a cross between "Rush" and "Marillion", and often looked like a weighted version poslednego.Raskruchivat "A blueprint. .." musicians began with Europe, Going on tour with another prog - team, "Jadis". In 1995, "Enchant" signed a new contract with the renowned prog label "Magna Carta" and proceeded to the next sessions of the plate. In the musical and compositional plan group increased significantly, and the sound of a little potyazhelel.Materiala accumulated more to the album in two years than you need ,and as a result of the hit songs on the next album, "Time lost". This CD was originally planned as an EP, but in the course of work turned into a full-length album.

In the interval between the last two releases of the group again toured Europe, this time making the company the monsters of the genre "Dream theater". A round in 1998 yearheld after the release of "Break" team warmed up "Spock`s beard" all the same "Marillion". By that time, "Enchant" has formed its own sound, well-recognized in such compositions like "Break

"," King "," My enemy ". Osobenno good was the work of Douglas Ott and Paul Kreddika. His mastery of the musicians continued to hone release 2000 " Juggling 9 or dropping 10 ".

And before that Kreddik managed to release a solo album, a record which he helped colleagues and Leonard Ott. Unfortunately, the drummer too carried away solo work and was forced to leave the band (before that the team lost and keyboard) . Behind the drums had to put long-time friend group Sina Flanagan. Changes in the composition is not much impact on the music "Enchant", and in 2002 to the delight of a group of public and critics has released another LP called "Blink of an eye". The first album was awarded the presence in the charts (92 th place in Germany). In early 2003, the team has regained form the quintet - keyboardist position finally took Bill Dzhenkins.On also took part in the sessions of the seventh album, tentatively titled "Tug of war".

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