Emma Gilhespy

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Age: 29

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Language cancer kills non-smokers

On the same day, at 11 pm, Emma died of cancer of the tongue, just a month before his 29th birthday. Her heartbroken family intends to do everything possible to raise awareness about cancer language, took the life of British women and left her 5-year-old son Callum without a mother this Christmas.

For the first time Mrs. Gilhespi concerned about their status in December 2013, when discovered in their own language sores that never took place. Her mother, 56-year-old Debbie Grice says: `In the end, she went to the doctor, and in December last year, she was sent to biopsiyu`.

Emma`s mother adds: `January 6 she came for the results. She went without us, just with Callum, because we did not expect to hear anything serious, but she was told that she had cancer yazyka`28-year-old Emma underwent two operations, made in an attempt to break the disease. One procedure led to removal of part of the tongue in February 2014. Despite intensive radiotherapy, her family, eventually got the terrible news that Emma`s cancer is incurable.

Debbie Grice, an internal supervisor of health civil service, says: `We have known that the cancer is gone, but also said that doctors continue to radiation therapy for another six weeks, to make sure of the disease no traces. After four weeks of radiotherapy on her neck began to appear moist areas, and they had to be vysushivat`.

The mother of the deceased continues: `The doctors did not stop to dry skin and announced that everything was clean, but in July they thought that it could be an infection. We were told that the old cancer had metastasized to her liver, lungs, neck and taz`.

Mrs. Gilhespi family was simply stunned by how quickly the disease progressed. After two courses of chemotherapy medkonsultanty decided to stop treatment, realizing that it is useless.

In November 2014, when the doctors said that Emma will not last longer than 24 hours, her fiance, Michael decided to get married. Bride refused to wedding dress, which has already been purchased, and then close decided to bury her in this outfit ...

Smoke-Emma Gilhespi expectant caseworker, - one of the few people who have suffered from cancer of the mouth for no apparent reason. Typically, the disease affects heavy smokers and heavy drinkers, ane one who, like Emma, ??leading a healthy lifestyle.

Until the last day, Mrs. Gilhespi said that wants people to know more about the language of cancer and are regularly checked.

Her husband, Michael told me that his wife had never complained about his condition and tried until the end to keep a positive attitude.

He said, `Thinking about our marriage, we talked about it in the future. We talked to each other about buying a house, how to have children. We planned all this is done, when it would be better. She very much wanted to go to Venice (Venice), and we are also planning to go to Lapland (Lapland) `.

`We have had her whole life ahead, - concludes Michael. - I was with her when she died, and I had never zabudu`.