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It works in the style of surrealism and hermetic. Philosophical, spiritual and mystical themes are central to the work of Andievskoy. Poet is one of the most important predstvitelnits Ukrainian modernism of the second half of the 20th century. It is often associated with the New York group of Ukrainian writers in exile abroad. Poetry Andievskoy known factthat the author has fundamentally reformed the classic sonnet using dissonance and far-reaching semantic association between daily and household items with the philosophical concepts. World Andievskoy shows some affinity to Buddhist teachings and mystic Carlos Castaneda. Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, Ukrainian PEN Club ,Free Academy in Munich and the Federal Association of Artists. Most of his life Andievskaya held abroad, living in New York and Munich.

Emma Andievskaya was born March 19, 1931 in Donetsk. The father of the writer was a chemist and inventor, his mother was an agronomist by training.Emma Andievskaya handed over most of the school subjects externally due to frequent severe diseases. Because of the pain of the child, her family moved first to Vyshgorod in 1937 and later in Kiev in 1939. There, the family found the Second World War. Father of Emma Andievskoy wrongly executed the Soviet authorities ,that it has not transferred his discoveries to the Germans.

Because of this, the children with their mother were forced to go to Germany in 1943. The family lived in different cities in Germany, including Berlin, in the British zone of occupation. There Emma Andievskaya, sick with tuberculosis of the spine, has lain for three years in a cast, bedridden. At the end of 1949the family moved first to Mittenwald and later in Munich.

In 1957, writer graduated Ukrainian Free University in Munich in the field of philology and philosophy. In 1957 the whole family Andievskoy moved to New York. In 1962, the writer received American citizenship. In 1959 he married a Ukrainian literary critic ,essayist and writer Ivan Koshelivtsa, having lived with him for forty years. From 1955 until 1995 she worked Andievskaya speaker, writer and editor of the Ukrainian department of radio "Liberty" in Munich. Now the writer lives and works in Munich.

The themes and motifs of creativityThe poetic and artistic creativity directions Emma Andievskoy thematically linked. Some of the themes and motifs are repeated in the various writings and paintings Andievskoy. topic being arises in many of the works of the author. In the author`s poetry often omitted verbs,that, together with bright and unexpected imagery intended parties attached versatility of being. In the works of the writer often presented in accordance with the philosophy of choice which every person to achieve self-realization modet making choices in life. This theme is well represented in the epic " novels about human destiny. " According Andievskoy ,good is by the boundary of human self-realization, which is widely represented in different philosophical " Novel of the good man. " Another frequent motif Andievskoy is the concept of " circular time", in which the past, present and future exist simultaneously. Besides philosophical themes that dominate the poetic work of the author,in the last two novels, plays an important role the history of Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora. Novels have a tough anti-imperial character.

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