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Age: 14

Citizenship: United States


28 November 2012 11th-year-old Emily Brakamontes (Emily Bracamontes), leukemia patients, disappeared from a hospital in Phoenix (Phoenix), where it is already about a month was on treatment. Hospital surveillance camera showed then that baby Emily left the hospital building together with his mother, Norma Brakamontes (Norma Bracamontes). At the time of the shoot, Emily received chemotherapy, and doctors are seriously feared for her life. Thus, as a result of the course girl amputated because of an infection right hand and, in addition, at the time of disappearance was Emily chest catheter through the body which it received the drug.

Quest Emily and Norma at first did not lead to anything, but a little later the girl`s parents made a statement that their daughter is being treated in Mexico (Mexico), its condition is stable, and the former hospital they no longer svyazvny.

December 12, 2012 the girl with her mother appeared in the ABC program `Good morning, Amerika` (ABC`s `Good Morning America`). It was found that immediately after the disappearance of Emily`s parents moved into a certain hospital in Mexico, where the girl has gone well on the mend. As for the hospital in Phoenix Phoenix Children`s Hospital, and the Norma and her husband were at least unhappy with the way their daughter was treated there.

The rate of hospital accused of intimidating the child and purposely delaying the treatment. The same is confirmed and a girl, and besides, she said: `My mother is trying to save my life. She just does not want me to die in bolnitse`. Another girl said she feels relatively well, and the staff at her new hospital treats her much better than it was in Phoenix.

By the way, the audience transfer `Good morning, Amerika` could see for themselves that Emily, with a bright pink funny cap on his head, looked very cheerful. Her eyes shone, she smiled.

However, no matter how, in relation to family Brakamontes under investigation - authorities want to make sure that parents have not exposed your child`s life to mortal danger, taking her out of the hospital and thus interrupting the vital (according to hospital doctors) chemotherapy.

However, Norma intends to fight - she accuses doctors that Emily lost her arm as a direct result of improper treatment, and, in addition, it claims that the hospital staff did not just seriously frightened the girl, affecting in conversations with the child the subject of payment of its parent account. In particular, she once stated that while her parents `will not pay all that is necessary, from the hospital, Emily vyydet`.

Pravdali it - will investigate further, but for now, Emily`s parents claim that their main task - to save the life and health of the daughter, no matter what it takes. By the way, Emily and her mother Norma are US citizens, while the girl`s father - a citizen of Mexico.

Currently, no formal charges have yet been put forward - or against the parents of Emily, or against the Phoenix Children`s Hospital. So, it is not known whether the child really lost an arm as a result of medical negligence, according to the couple Brakamontes. Not clear is whether Norma, daughter stole from the hospital and subjected yourself disconnect it from the essential terms of the hospital staff instruments danger.

Numerous same viewers and readers online are asked to leave the family alone and wish the little girl Emily`s health, and her parents - courage and patience.

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