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Date of Birth: 01/15/1974

Age: 42

Place of Birth: Sao Paulo

Citizenship: Brazil

Emilio Orsiolo Net: Only remove red shorts

Author: Olga Martinske

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"Okay! No problem! Come to my house!" - Cheerfully he has reported the actor and then dumped in an unknown direction, making us a couple of hours sweating in the lobby of a luxury condominium in the district of Barra de Tijuca. As it turned out, he just forgot about us. On reaching home, he drops without embarrassment perky jumped out of the jeep, threw valet keys and pulling the ring in the ear, dragged us into the apartment ...

Mess! The shoe on the table adjacent to the bun and jeans, socks scattered everywhere, on the floor are collected suitcases. "In the evening, flying from Sao Paulo to the girl we see each other on weekends, -. Emilio explained -. It is convenient to live in different cities, we are not delaying life Someday we will get married, but for now we just like to meet.".

About favorite actor just said that she was a model. And to a request to show photos, flustered and showed ... with the beauty magazine on the cover. However, it did not give to look through - immediately snatched from his hands. Hmm ... a bit strange not to be in possession of a photo girlfriends, well, God bless her. We are increasingly held performance which our honor to accept the Net. He sat down on the sofa in a pose of a Roman patrician, and immediately welled up with her. To pretend that everything is going according to plan, swept into a pile of pillows, but to sit on them was uncomfortable. As a result, the actor went straight at our feet, thoughtfully put his finger in his mouth, a second jumped and jumped ... the toilet. It`s about time. We have barely restrained laughter. It seems that he did not of this world. That jumps and chatters about everything for 10 minutes, (partly in English), then falls into a stupor and practically falling asleep. Skinny, hairy impossible, chatty, he still lay on the floor and answering questions all the time we have twitched bottom of the leg.

We reminded the actor that already briefly met him two years ago on the play Regina Duarte "Honour". Emilio was then Danton Mello. Naturally, our conversation began with the theater.

- Do you often go to colleagues performances? (Before you answer, Emilio with childlike scratches on top of the pant causal place. And repeats this gesture throughout the interview.)

- Of course. I myself am a stage actor. He began his career on the stage. Theatre - is the home of any of these actors. Not every TV star can play on the stage. Between work on television, I always engaged in some play. Who I am producing the play "The one who danced with me", and play a leading role, together with Cynthia Falabella. The premiere will take place on May 29 at the theater Gavea, Rio de Janeiro. I have just returned from a trip - traveled to seek money for the production.

- We thought the producer puts their hard-earned penny.

- Brazilian actor - not a millionaire. Of course, around us L`Amour, fame, bohemians, journalists. But here`s the money, bye-bye, no!

- In the "Globo" so poorly paid? (Eyes of the guy ran, shaking the handle.)

- No no! What do you! Excellent pay, great! But you need to play a lot of money. One man, even with a good salary, not pull. My earnings enough for a comfortable existence: apartment overlooking the ocean, the highest level of life, any purchases.

- How many in your account serials?

- "Land of Hope" - the fifth. And I started in "Fatal Inheritance". There I personally invited Luiz Fernando Carvalho, when he saw my work on stage. Unlike other directors, he is looking for actors in the theater, and not on the model runways.

- And how was it working with him in "Hope"? We`ve heard it all pounded and terrorized?

- Do Carvalho actors always work at full capacity, with strong emotions and achieve the highest stage of the truth. Luis Fernando learns to live the character, rather than playing it. Even before the premiere of the series I and the actors of our group for six months we moved to the hacienda in the state of Sao Paulo. Learn peasant work. We plowed, weeded, spud. My hands were covered with horrific blisters, skin burned, I`m tired of scared. We woke up at a quarter to five in the morning and went to milk the cows! But it was fun! And, of course, impact on our game in the series.

On the set of fighting with spiders and cobras

Emilio so enthusiastically praised the morning milking, so emotionally demonstrated their skills on the pillow, the next question was generated by pure malice.

-If You liked so much peasant life, maybe it`s time to change profession?

- No no. What horror! I just wanted to better understand Marcelo. (Net calls his hero into Italian manners -. Marcello) But we have with him has nothing to do! I fully urban man. And I never touched the ground. Six weeks on the hacienda, I learned to respect the work of the peasants. I could not imagine how these people work!

- What was the most difficult for you?

- Plow plow. Go for the bull. I was afraid? No, the animal caught Smirnov. It was terrible at the end of the show, when I, Marcus Palmeira and Jackson Antunes walked through the underpass to save Beatrice. We shot in three waterlogged tunnels. Before we move the camera, and everyone on the crew was handed the torch - to kill and frighten off the road bats, giant spiders and cobras. It was the most vivid experience of my life! Just imagine: a huge very long tunnel, you bredesh knee-deep in water, it floats on the right cobra, on the left you thrown bat ... horror!

- Tell me about the hacienda, where the shooting took place.

- There was not a single object of scenery! This is a real historic hacienda in the state of Sao Paulo. And they really live a family of Italian immigrants. We took a room for rent. First lived there six weeks later, when the shooting began, came a week for a couple of times a month.

- Your character has changed a lot in the course of the series?

- First of all, my Marcelo greatly offended. Typically, a secondary character depends on the ratings. If the public wants, his storyline is enhanced, and the frame time is increased. In this case, the opposite happened. Viewers liked the way our team - Mauricio and Katarina and I am Beatriz, that the writers of the series in the middle of almost kicked us out of the story. We killed the protagonists. My character is kept for yourself our storyline, and I`ve already started to get used to fame. And then everything collapsed, I was waiting for the scenes, but I did not give them! I was hopeful, but nothing happened. Return us back somewhere in the series 120-130 th. But as we turned around there in the end! This story stirred up!

- Your hero was illiterate, like most of the population of modern Brazil. You participate in any social campaigns?

- When I can, I help in a variety of charities. And is involved in a project against breast cancer.

- Your family to belong to the class?

- Average. Now I will introduce to you the full picture. January 15 I was 29 years old, my zodiac sign - Capricorn. Father`s name is Antonio Sergio, he was 64 years old, he was a journalist. Mom - Vania, a housewife, she turns 53. Sister Giovanna - 26. She`s a lawyer. We are descendants of Italians and Lebanese. Woman My name is Debora Bueno, we meet 3 years. I graduated from the theater department at the University of Sao Paulo, has studied at the administrator of the enterprise, so I have two entities. The whole family lives in Sao Paulo. Net - means "grandson" in Italian, and Emilio I was named after my grandfather. (I`m not talking too much?) As you can see, the actor and the only crazy in the family - me.

- How did you wind skidded on the scene?

- I think it was in 1986. I looked at the mini-series "The Golden Years" and was so impressed that decided to play too. He joined the troupe of amateur theater in Sao Paulo, in the 18 years went to the theater department. In parallel, I studied administration. My father forced me to even had some profession. All of a sudden not be able to get to the screen? The actor never knows what will happen tomorrow. Prior to the "Fatal inheritance" nobody believed in my success. Because the Brazilian society recognizes only posleroli actor in the series. Though hundred years play in the theater and cinema, you do not need anyone. On the role in the series the world is changing. It comes respect, wealth and recognition. Now I`m going. Soon the movie will play in our popular singer Sandy she is sponsoring a picture and plays a major role. I clearly know what I want: to become one Raul Cortez, Antonio Fagundes. And not one of those actors that played in a couple of projects. Therefore, I am working for wear. And then I buy a large house, the head of a bunch of kids.

Even furiously into the fight not climb

- What do you usually do before going on stage?

- I read your, special prayer. I am a Catholic, like the rest of my family. But I also really like Brazilian religions such as Candomble. I am not Orthodox, and I think that has a value in every religion. It is believe in mysticism and spiritualism.

-Do You have any happy omens?

- I`m doing only red shorts. (Enthusiastic "ah," the audience!)

- And if you wear green?

- Outside of work I can wear any. But to work - only in red shorts. I`ve got 30 pieces. The red color is very strong. It provides an incentive energizes.

- Do you have a dream?

- Have enough health to work. The actor is not to be a millionaire. This profession gives joy to a very different kind.

- A free time you have to perform?

- I run on the beach, play tennis, football. Or I go to the cinema, theater, travel.

- You`re a quiet person?

- I`m nervous, very much in order. I am terribly boring. I hate indifference, violence, try to stay away from violent people. I am a man of peace. Of course, I can bring to rabies, but a fight I still can not climb.

- What are you exasperated?

- Lies, artificiality, unnaturalness. Terrible, if you notice in the beloved. Then I take my things and leave.

- Do you have any bad habits?

- No. I do not smoke or drink. (After some thought) That is, I drink wine, I love ... Yes, and then stronger, too, love, vodka, for example.

- Who is involved in the economy in your house?

- The maid cleans. Prepare the cook. It comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On other days I eat in restaurants.

- Sam what do you cook?

- Frozen dumplings. Put in boiling water - and you`re done!

After much persuasion Emilio shyly pulled from the depths of the bed happy red swimming trunks. However, a request to be photographed in their perceived negatively. ARISING uncomfortable we rushed to smooth the present: believe impossible Net knows what matryoshka! He took and sits. Open, saying there is another. - A-ah ... I opened. Is sitting. The guy open on! A-ah ... and so on five more times.

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