Emile Vandervelde

Picture of Emile Vandervelde

Date of Birth: 01/25/1866

Age: 72

Place of birth: Ixelles

Citizenship: Belgium


Belgian politician, Socialist, right, one of the leaders of the 2 nd International. A lawyer by training. Professor of Political Economy University of Brussels (1924). Member of the Belgian Socialist Party since its inception (1885), since the mid 90s. 19. her head. Since 1894 a member of the Chamber of Deputies. Since 1900 the chairman of the International Socialist Bureau of the 2nd International. During the 1st World War, social-chauvinist; in 1914 he entered the bourgeois government until 1937 and has repeatedly served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Justice, and others. After the February Revolution of 1917, V. visited Russia for the agitation for the continuation of the imperialist war. It was the Belgian representative at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919-20 and signed the Treaty of Versailles, 1919. In 1922 he attended the protsessepravyh SRs in Moscow as a defender. While in 1925-27 the Minister for Foreign Affairs, signed the Locarno Agreement 1925. Author of books and pamphlets, written with opportunistic positions; He opposed the recognition of the Soviet Union, to justify the colonial policy of Belgium in the Congo.