Emile Gaha

Picture of Emile Gaha

Date of Birth: 07/12/1872

Age: 72

Citizenship: Czech Republic


From a large peasant family. He received a law degree, the Doctor of Law, an expert on international law. He made a career in the legal field. In 1898-1916 he served on the district council election. In 1916-18 member of the Supreme Administrative Court to be seen. In 1918-19, President of the Senate, from 1919 2nd President, in 1925-38 the 1st President of the Supreme Administrative Court of Czechoslovakia. After the signing of the Munich Agreement of 1938 E. Benesh5.10.1938 resigned as president of Czechoslovakia, to take his place on November 30 he was elected, he was extremely weak politician, but it seemed that it was he would be able to successfully carry out the policy of peaceful coexistence with Germany. He received from the Parliament extraordinary powers to negotiate with A. Hitler. 14/03/1939 arrived (together with F. Hvalkovski) in Bellevue Palace for a meeting with Hitler. Under pressure from Hitler and threatened immediate outbreak of hostilities was signed on March 15th instrument of surrender of Czechoslovakia. March 16 was received by Hitler in the Hradcany (Prague), where he gave a statement of loyalty to the Fuhrer Czech Reich government. After the Germans occupied the Czech Republic, for G. was retained an honorary post of State President of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (since 16/03/1939). Decree of March 23 formed on the basis of loose coalition of political parties National Unity (led by G., also appointed the members of his), who in the first months served as the parliament. Conducted active collaborationist policy. In 1943, virtually ceased to exert any influence on the internal politics of the Protectorate. 05/05/1945 protectorate ceased to exist, and on 16 May G. was interned by the Allies. He died in a detention center.