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Year of birth : 1993

Age: 22 year

Place of birth : Arlington, Texas, USACitizenship : SShAHristiansky death metal from America

Group `Embodyment` throughout his career has had time quite radically change the style of music performed - with brutal death metal band switched to a relatively calm and soft hard rock. Alas, the new format of group listeners and labels are not particularly came to taste. Created group `Embodyment` was in 1993 ; whereas, however, the band was called `Supplication`. Initially, the band played death metal ; in this style, they recorded the first three demo songs. Demo recordings was enough to get the first contract - a `Solid State Records`; in 1997-m band set to work on the first album, `Embrace the Eternal`.Radikalno changed their style after leaving her Chris Makkeddona (Kris McCaddon) and the arrival of Sean Korbreya (Sean Corbray). The proposed change of style to them quite clearly manifested uzhena next after `Embrace the Eternal` plate group ,` The Narrow Scope of Things`.Musicians have moved away from traditional varieties of heavy metal, focusing on alternative and hard rock ; Suffice it to say that in their new compositions instead of the traditional forms of death metal vocals became quite common singing (supplemented, however, ` vizzhaschimi` parties) . The third and latest album `Embodyment` in collaboration with the ` Solid State` - `Hold Your Breath` - continued development, pledged to ` The Narrow Scope of Things`; musicians are getting closer and closer to the genre of alternative and hard rock. The new album of vocals, for example, were only ` chistye` ,without impurities traditional heavy metal screams and cries. The band`s latest album, `Songs for the Living`, was carried out in a similar plate stile.Etu ` Embodyment` viewed as a collection of demos designed to make it easier for them to find a new label. Alas, this quest so do not give ; after,as the musicians refused `XS Records`, the group disbanded. Some musicians - Andrew Godwin (Andrew Godwin), Mark Garza (Mark Garza) and Chris Makkeddon - founded the group `The Famine`; This team worked in a style reminiscent of pretty iznachalnyy` ` format ` Embodyment`.

IN 2007-m already on the order of almost forgotten group started talking again - visitor `Newgrounds` QuinnZX uploaded the songs ` Embodyment` the site by giving them for their own creations and later these songs even hit the track one of the most popular gaming site. Later, however, the deception was discovered ; the user has been banned ,and the author of the game has added to its start screen an official apology for the incident a misunderstanding.

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