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Date of Birth: 12/26/1913

Age: 78

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The mother of modern British cooking

Elizabeth David - British writer, author of cookbooks. At the time, his articles and books on European and traditional British cuisine literally revived the art of home cooking.

Elizabeth was born in the family of a respected and authoritative; it flowed in the veins of a mixture of English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Dutch and Sumatran blood. Special attention daughters parents did not pay; however, when Elizabeth revealed a talent for drawing, she was sent to study in Paris (Paris). There she enrolled at the Sorbonne, where he spent a course of French culture, which included the history, literature and architecture. The family, which Elizabeth lived, just different fanatical attitude to culinary business; to some extent, David was amused, however, useful in eccentric French she had learned a lot - in fact, it is this experience and kindled her desire to study the ethnic cuisine. After graduating from the Sorbonne, David went to Munich (Munich) to learn German; home, she was in no hurry, and his mother see her clearly particular desire not burn.

Returning eventually to England, David began to not follow the traditional rituals and norms, the company is credited with its young women. Elizabeth was eager to look for a husband, and eventually abandoned painting, wishing, much to the dismay of his mother, to become an actress. Soon Elizabeth began an affair with married actor Charles Gibson-Cowan (Charles Gibson-Cowan).

The resulting 21-th birthday generous gift David has spent on equipment in a rented house decent food; Soon after that she began to learn to cook. The first collection of recipes, Elizabeth gave her mother.

Disappointed with the actor`s activities, David has decided to flee abroad with Cowen. Snyavnebolshuyu boat, they indeed fled to Sicily (Sicily), where the boat they immediately confiscated. In Greece (Greece) couple almost fell into the hands of the Germans; with difficulty they managed to flee to Egypt (Egypt). In Egypt, the path Elizabeth and Charles parted; David spent some time in Cairo (Cairo), working for the government, in the library. Here Elizabeth married; however, the marriage was shaky.

After the war, David returned to England; disappointed in the local cuisine, Elizabeth published a series of articles about the Mediterranean diet. Publishes articles like these; David soon released several books on French and Italian cuisine. Over the next 10 years Elizabeth has managed to become a key figure in British cuisine. Of course, the origin of the left its mark - so David was a staunch opponent of all sorts of simplifications and cheap to replace expensive products. It is thanks to Elizabeth British chefs acquainted with elements of Mediterranean dishes like pasta, parmesan cheese, olive oil, salami, eggplant, red and green peppers and zucchini.

In the 60`s Elizabeth David opened the store, engaged in catering trade. The store continued to function after David left him in 1973; however, the name of the writer continued to use the shop management, actively relying on the reputation of Elizabeth.

In 1977, David was in a serious car accident; She was treated for a long time. Around the same period, it was published the last book of Elizabeth, `English Bread and Yeast Cookery`.

In the `80s, David is with great pleasure several times visited in California. Alas, her health in this period began to give up; die younger sister in 1986 further weakened Elizabeth. Died writer May 22, 1992 th at his home in Chelsea (Chelsea).

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