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In total, on the stage ,in film and television actress he worked for three decades.

Allen was born - then still Dzhillias Elizabeth Ellen - in Jersey City, New Jersey. For a while she worked as a model under the auspices of the Agency `Ford Agency`, has not yet received in the fifties role in ` Jackie Shaw Glison` (`The Jackie Gleason Show`).Hone their skills and for some time worked under the Helen Hayes in her acting troupe, Elizabeth moved to the big and small screens.

In total, she played bit parts in many different telepostanovkah. It can be seen in projects such as `The Fugitive`,` Kojak`,` My name Kolombo` (` Columbo`) and ` Rodzhers` tank (` Buck Rogers in the 25th Century`). On an ongoing basis, Allen worked in `Bracken`s World`,` Show Floor Linda` (`The Paul Lynde Show`),` C.P.O. Sharkey`, `Another World`i follow soon spin-off recently ,` Texas`. In total, on the stage ,in film and television actress he worked for three decades.

Most memorable to the public at the time of Elizabeth role scary saleswoman in one of the episodes of the first season of the classic series ` Twilight zona` (`Twilight Zone`). In the March edition of Miss White (the role of Anne Francis) I realized that is only a dummy ,which a month was allowed to live among the people. Elizabeth `s character is also a mannequin whose vacation has to be the next on the schedule - which explains her strange behavior.

In 1963, Allen played - along with John Wayne, Dorothy Lamour and Lee Marvin - a major role in the film John Ford ` Reef Donovana` (`Donovan`s Reef`).Later, she went to another starring role - this time in the film `Diamond Head` c Charlton Heston and Yvette Mimi. Both pictures were taken, interestingly, in Hawaii. Allen also played with James Stewart in ` shayennov` Autumn (` Cheyenne Autumn`); in 1963 she won `Laurel Award` as` the most promising actress goda`. Elizabeth twice nominated for ` Toni` - for the Broadway production of ` The Gay Life` and `Do I Hear a Waltz`. To this day, her beautiful singing can be heard in recordings of original productions `Waltz`, actively sold on CD.

In 1996, Elizabeth left the show business without attracting much attention to this fact. The latter role, Allen played on Broadway, directed by `42nd street`. She died in 2006 from kidney disease; at the time of death she was seventy-seven years old.

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Elizabeth Allen picture
Elizabeth Allen photo
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