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Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

Fashion brand Olsen sisters

`Elizabeth & James` - American brand of women`s clothing, shoes and accessories based in New YorkIn York (New York City) film actress Ashley Fuller Olsen (Ashley Fuller Olsen) and Mary - Kate Olsen (Mary-Kate Olsen). the brand `s motto - the modern way of life for a new generation.

`Elizabeth & James` - a line of fashion, Olsen sisters founded in 2007. Olsen named his new company after the younger sister and older brother. This modern collection of clothes for everyday life, which combine a traditional approach to fashion sportswear with comfort and functionality. In addition, `Elizabeth & James` - a combination of masculine and feminine cut, with the result that there are perfectly stitched blazers, masculine style shirt and super - tight trousers,which can form the basis of any wardrobe. Given `The Row` and ` mary-kateandashley`, marka`Elizabeth & James` he became the third brand Olsen twins. `Elizabeth & James` more democratic and costs than ` The Row` (although still very not cheap) , and is aimed at a different part of the market.

Inspired by both city and country life ,men`s and women`s fashion, and everyday celebrations, `Elizabeth & James` produces unique collections for self-confident young women who are looking for a way to express themselves through fashion.

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