Elisabeth Wiese

Picture of Elisabeth Wiese

Age: 55

Citizenship: Germany


Elizabeth Wiese was born in 1850. In the early years she was a midwife. When Wiese married merchant Wiese Henry (Heinrich Wiese), she already had a daughter named Paula (Paula). Once against her was charged with carrying out illegal abortions, Elizabeth was not able to deal with more than the usual for her business. While its financial position fell, tensions between her and her husband only increase.

She tried several times to bring the spouse to the grave. First Wiese wanted to poison him with food, and then several times tried to cut his throat while he slept. However, this is not a success, and she was behind bars on charges of committing several crimes.

After his release from prison, Visa offered to serve as an assistant on `annexe children ruki` good for those women who are unable to raise their children themselves or who have illegitimate children. Initially, she took a one-time fee for the transfer of mothers with children to foster parents. However, sometimes the foster care children returned back, and then got rid of them Wiese. She then informs his mother that under her supervision of the kids have found refuge in the wealthy families in distant countries. In fact, Elizabeth poisoned children poison and morphine, and then burned their bodies in an oven in the apartment. Nevertheless, suspicions about the fate of children have grown to the point that an investigation has begun.

When Wiese moved away from transactions with babies, she made her own daughter into prostitution. Paula ran away to London (London), but became pregnant and returned to Hamburg (Hamburg). She gave birth to in the basement, and immediately after the birth of the child drowned Paula Wiese and his body burned in a furnace. When police began investigating the case, they searched the apartment and found Wiese in its cache morphine and poisons. As Elizabeth lived in St. Pauli (St. Pauli), Hamburg suburb, it became known as the creator of `angels of St. Pauli `(angl.` The angel-maker of St. Pauli `), in other words,` killer of children St. Pauli`.

October 15 th 1904 Elizabeth Wiese was found guilty of fraud, providing earnings immoral way and killing five children. She was executed by guillotine on 2 February 1905.

In March of 2010 in Germany was to make a film about the life of Wiese.