Elian Gonsales

Picture of Elian Gonsales

Date of Birth: 06.12.1993

Age: 22

Citizenship: Colombia


Elian Gonzalez was born on December 6, 1993. Cuba. After his parents divorced, the boy stayed with his mother. He was only six years old when the parent, and a number of Cuban citizens tried to cross illegally into the United States. Unfortunately, the boat sank with the fugitives, and the majority of Cubans have died. Elian survived - he was saved thanks to the time tucked under the arm tire. From the water the young Cuban fishermen fished from Florida.

After a vremyashestiletny Elian Gonzalez (Elian Gonzalez) was at relatives - in Miami. And this, in spite of, the fact that according to the US immigration rules he had to return to Cuba as illegally crossed the border.

Anyway American relatives of Elian did not agree to return the boy his Cuban father, despite the passionate desire of the last to get his son back (it turned out that the mother of Gonzalez decided on the illegal removal of the child, and not having received the consent of her ex-husband).

Soon unresolved conflict came at a pretty high level - Cubans have demanded the return of the Cuban citizen back home, the Americans insisted that the boy was in the United States. When the matter was brought public authorities and courts, the media exploded reports on the situation of young Elian Gonzalez (Elian Gonzalez).

As a result, there was a decision, notifying the American relatives of Elian to return immediately to his father. Those once again refused, and then the Cuban delegation left for Miami. In late April of 2000, bailiffs - using a weapon - his uncle seized Gonzalez-American father and handed over to the Cuban.

When - a long time not abated fierce debate about all that had happened.

Currently Elian Gonzalez (Elian Gonzalez) lives with his father in Cuba. There is a museum of "Battle of Ideas", dedicated to the young Cuban and events that occurred in the early 2000s.