Eli Bowen

Picture of Eli Bowen

Date of Birth: 10/14/1844

Age: 79

Place of birth: Richland County

Citizenship: United States

Can legless ride a bike?

Born Eli Bowen (Eli Bowen) in 1844 in Richland County, Ohio (Richland County, Ohio). Son of Robert and Sarah Bowen (Robert and Sarah Bowen), he was born without both legs - the reason for that was phocomelia (phocomelia), congenital underdevelopment of the limbs. The family had many children, and seven brothers and sisters, young Eli loved it and strongly supported. By the way, all the other children in the family were perfectly healthy.

Eli learned to walk on his hands, with the help of special wooden supports, and as a child, he began experimenting with acrobatics. Some sources claim that in 1857-m 13-year-old Bowen began performing with the circus `Major Brown` s Colosseum `, where he entertained the audience that went wheel, twisting flip back and forth - and all this without legs. Was it in fact - is unknown, but the census in 1860 showed that at the time he lived with his parents and went to school. Thus, according to other sources, showmen Eli moved only after his father`s death in 1865.

In 1876 he joined the circus troupe `Pullman Brothers Side Show`, and three years later played since `Cooper, Bailey & Co`.

In 1897 Eli Bowen played in the UK (England) with the famous circus `Barnum & Bailey Circus. He presented to the public as a legless acrobat and it was here that he met his partner Charles Tripp on prozivischu Bezrukov Miracle (Armless Wonder Charles Tripp). Together, they have worked in several rooms, and the most famous was their tandem bicycle, legless when Bowen was sitting on the first seat of the double bike and ran the wheel, while the armless Tripp pedaled, sitting in the back seat. This number was wildly popular with the public, and Eli Photo Ido and Charles preserved today, and it can often be seen on the Internet.

Eli worked before the public until old age - it is known that at the age of 79 years, he has performed with the troupe `Dreamland Circus Side Show` on Coney Island (Coney Island).

At Coney Island Eli Bowen died, it happened in May 1924. The cause of death was pneumonia, he was buried in Indiana (Lowell, Indiana).

It is known that at 24 years, Eli married 16-year-old Martha Haynes (Martha N. Haines), and they had four perfectly healthy sons; later one became a judge and another successful entrepreneur.

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