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Athens, a university town in the south of the United States,has created in the late 70s, at least two prominent groups - B`52s and R.E.M. After this, all 80s local groups fought hard for the right to become the next great Athenian discovery, but no discovery had happened, secondly R.E.M. It does not appear, and the Athenian rock scene in the early 90`s began to gradually fade.

Meanwhile,people who soon dropped out to change the course of events, have been in the city. In 1990 he enrolled in the local university, Andrew Rieger, a native of Southern California. He wanted to be an English teacher like his father, but instead became a group leader Elf Power.It is noteworthy that the then musical tastes Rieger were in a noisy aggressive guitar music - Pixies, Pere Ubu, Fugazi, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine.However, when it came to his own musical project, Rieger distinguished himself as a supporter of the melody with a bias in the 60s.In 1993 Rieger with the help of neighbors and friends begin to record their songs at home. Among his assistants were the then guitarist Dave Retgeber of Fablefactory group, Raleigh Hatfield, but a permanent part of the group has found the appearance of Laura Carter and Brian Poole. Laura Carter, his then- girlfriend,Rieger sat behind the drums (and if those were not available, then for a cardboard box). Poole, a student of political science, met with Rieger after the concert Dinosaur Jr. in the main Athens rock club the 40 -Watt became the bassist. The name of Elf Power, according to the legend read Rieger on the sidewalk,reflecting his interest in the mystical literature and fentaziynoy type of JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, H.P.Lavkrafta. These literary influences later will be embodied in the texts of Rieger.

After several recorded tapes with his songs, 1994 Rieger make their home record on four-track cassette recorder and a cheap microphone.It is virtually his solo work with a little help from Carter and Retgebera. When recording has been completed ("mostly aimless improvisation, sounding as if they played with toy drums"), the Rieger and Carter on the advice of friends decided to publish it in the form of a vinyl album.They agreed with the microscopic label from Texas Drug Racer, and those printed with fifty copies of their debut album, Elf Power - Vainly Clutching At Phantom Limbs (1995). The plates are separated by friends liked songs, and Rieger felt like the leader of this group. Concerts Trio Rieger - Poole - Carter become more or less permanent,but there Rieger and Carter finishing university. They decide to go to New York and try to get there. Brian Poole remains in Athens, playing in Of Montreal.

In New York, Rieger and Carter spent nine months, speaking in second-class clubs, and gave birth to chetyrehpesenny EP Winter Hawk,which was released in October 1996 on the Athenian label Kindercore. In addition to recording the founders of the group participated vocalist Roxanne Martin (Dixie Blood Moustache, Fablefactory), Dave Retgeber Julian Koster (The Music Tapes, Neutral Milk Hotel). Musically it was continuing the search for his own style -melodies Rieger hardly made their way through poorly recorded and noisy guitars, but the progress was obvious.

On his return to Athens Rieger and Carter resumed cooperation with Brian Poole, who is now also performed under the name Bryan Helium.error status: 403which is a representation of Athenian gaining popularity music community the Elephant 6. Elf Power are members of the Elephant 6, and now all the resources and all the experience of these adepts neo-psychedelic lo-fi indie -pop have been involved with the recording of their second album, Elf Power.Thus the problem of quality records (first releases Elf Power were bad even lo-fi standards) has been solved, and in the studio with Elf Power, four musicians were more than a dozen colleagues - in the best traditions of the Elephant 6.

Album When The Red King Comes (1997) began with the work,error status: 403but they themselves have tried to Elf Power. They used a variety of rare and ethnic instruments such as the Nepalese Shoma, gitorgana, zanzitofona, and the result is a rich and multi-layered sound.

Through participation in the project of people from the Elephant 6 ,the album received fairly wide distribution through the label Arena Rock.In 1998, the band`s career goes up, they go to the American tour, and simultaneously record EP Come On, to sell it at concerts. This six-song disc, where five things - cover versions of Robyn Hitchcock, T-Rex, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and other favorite artists.In the fall of 1998 in the suburbs of New York City Elf Power recorded their third album, this time in the studio of a recognized producer Dave Friedman, who has just recorded a very successful albums Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev. Friedmann - a busy man, and all the work with Elf Power he leaves two weeks. Nevertheless,the album A Dream In Sound (1999) was a success by all standards - it has retained all the old virtues group (melodic, multi-layered, the original text) and added uncharacteristic for the lo-fi sound clarity. Rieger `s talent as a melodist has become even more obvious on this album, because the Friedmann tamed the guitar noise to a minimum.This work was another step forward - in 1999, Elf Power is not only on tour opening for The Olivia Tremor Control, but also open stadium concerts R.E.M. During the tour the band expanded to a quintet by Adrian Finch (Masters of the Hemisphere, Summer Hymns, Dances With Wolves), which is mostly played on the violin, but also guitar and sax.In 2000, in the wake of the growing interest in Elf Power reissued their debut album with the addition of EP Winter Hawk. The band began work on their fourth album - there are not very happy after the hasty work with Friedman, they are now spending about a year in the recording studio and at home,error status: 403and music (in which all of a sudden got out Velvet Underground and Black Sabbath, even in the peak of Marilyn Manson), and text (mystical horror and apocalyptic mood not otherwise than in connection with the Millennium).

In the same year, Elf Power parted ways with the label Arena Rock and moved to SugarFree Records,they stopped, and associate themselves with The Elephant 6 (though not ceased to cooperate with these musicians on the records) to become completely independent creative unit.

In May 2001, Brian "Helium" Poole left the band, decided to pursue a solo career. error status: 403The Sunshine Fix) and drummer Derek Emsted (Summer Hymns, Of Montreal, Great Lakes). He also began to play the bass in the Great Lakes. Relations with former colleagues were quite neat - for example, your records Brian publishes on Orange Twin, label Laura Carter (who now publishes and records themselves Elf Power) .

error status: 403It consists of at least two parts -it tracks EP 1998 Come On (which is not sold in stores) plus 10 new records from the legacy of Husker Du, Bad Brains, the Buzzcocks, the Misfits, the Frogs, Roky Erickson, Gary Newman, etc.. Constantly expanding Elf Power at this point take part more and cellist Heather McIntoshmaking live sound of the band is very original: on the stage to the main composition is usually added to the same number of guests, and 12-13 persons, acting under the name of Elf Power - not a rarity.It would seem that these events is enough to fill the year, Elf Power but not stopped - they went to the big tour with the Masters of the Hemisphere (where parallel play Ueglin and Fischer), Rieger has produced an experimental EP with Yuma Bitsu, and in December 2002, Fisher left the group in connection with the move to Arizona.

The new R.E.M.Elf Power have not become as they do not become one of the Elephant 6 - and hardly wanted. However, one can not complain about that in the second half of the 90s music scene in Athens was boring.

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