Elena Ponsova

Picture of Elena Ponsova

Date of Birth: 05/14/1907

Age: 59

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

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Elena D. Ponsova always played men cheerful, mischievous, eccentric, passionate lovers of life, and those who knew her price. That she was in life. She loved the humor, feast, loved life in all its manifestations. But despite all his charm and lightness, Elena Dmitrievna was very disciplined man, sometimes too strict with partners around the stage. Do not put up late for rehearsals, ignorance and confusion of the text on the stage. Because of this, would not a little angry, and arrange a scolding.

Elena Ponsova came on the scene already in the first year drama school. First there were the episodes, then a boy, and soon the old woman. With the old woman and she started - Mokeihu played in the play "Virineya". Rare brightest comedic talent, household truthfulness, bold pattern roles - all these qualities Ponsovu pushed into the ranks of the best character actress of the Moscow scene. She participated in such famous performances Vakhtangov Theatre, as "Much Ado About Nothing," "Straw Hat", "Missouri Waltz", "Cyrano de Bergerac", "Woe to fear - happiness can not see." The best role of Elena Ponsovoy became headmistress guesthouse in popular farce, staged in 1944, "Mademoiselle Nitouche.

The actress was often invited on the radio, in concert, in the shooting. In the movie roles it was not much, but still noticeable images she created in the films "Prisoners" (Fefelov), "Machine 22-12" (grandmother), "The Overcoat" (hostess), "Inspector General" (the widow of a non-commissioned officer " ), in the paintings of "Yegor Bulychev and others", "Viper", "Life has passed by", "Monday - the day heavy".

Ponsova was a master of parody, could accurately portray any person who is in its field of view. When Elena Dmitrievna was playing scenes, peeped in the underground or behind the scenes in the theater, it was a real one-man performances. Apparently, it is this ability to help voice actress in the movie "The Wild Swans" just three totally disparate roles. It was a triumph, after which the studio "Soyuzmultfilm" literally wore Ponsovu on hand. Behind the scenes the actress more than specialized in mice, foxes and crows. It is excellently read the author`s text in "Toptyzhka" Fedor Khitruk. And one day suddenly said that he knows exactly how to sound ... pot. "How? How? Elena Dmitrievna, tell us!" - Asked her young actors. "No, no, no, I came up with it, I`ll save it until the moment when such a role will be!" - She said. But the mystery voice chamber pot and was not revealed.

Elena Ponsova passed away at 59 years old. In June 1966, for a trip abroad, the actors of the theater had to get all the doctors. After receiving a cherished editing of Health, Elena Dmitrievna called a friend and said: "All By all accounts the net!" During the night she died.

People`s Artist of the RSFSR (1957).

In 1928 she graduated from the Theatre School. B. Shchukin and became an actress Theatre. Vakhtangov. On the stage - since 1925. Since 1930 - a teacher of acting, since 1934 - a teacher of Theatre School. B. Shchukin.

Actor`s work:

1. Prisoners - 1936 ()

2. Wedding - 1944 (comedy)

3. Happy Flight - 1949 (comedy)

4. The Inspector General - 1952 (comedy)

5. Road - 1954 ()

6. Life is passed - 1958 (Crime Drama)

7. Overcoat - 1959 (Kinopovest)

8. A free kick - 1963 (comedy)

9. Monday - Heavy Day - 1963 (comedy)

10. Nasty anecdote - 1965 (comedy)

11. Viper - 1965 (Drama)

12. Egor Bulychev and Others - 1971 ()