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Date of birth: 12.04.1972

Age: 44

Birthplace: Tobolsk

Citizenship: Russia


Prize Winner of the St. Petersburg Festival of Russian youth films (1995, for his role in "The Ring" movie)

Winner of the Prize "Nika" (1996, for the film "Mistress into Maid")

Winner of the Prize of the festival "Golden Knight" (1999, for the film "Mu-mu")

Choosing a profession

Korikova Elena was born in Siberia, in the same place and passed all her childhood. Perhaps it is the Siberian character helps her achieve success today ...

Elena never wanted to become an actress. As a child, she never thought about what would be when she grows up. Elena Korikova says: "As a child I grew up as a flower, grew and did not understand what we must do to become somebody. And when I finished 10th grade, and I was asked: "Where are you going to do?" That is the question I put to a standstill. I did not even know what I want. "

In Rostov-on-Don, where at that time lived Elena, a local Drama Theatre performed a set of actors. Invited actors-professionals, amateurs and talented young people. After seeing this ad, Elena decided that fits into the third category. And it really took, despite the fact that she was still too young for the company.

Film Institute. The first role in the movie

The first success inspired Helen, and soon she decided to enter the theater. Seventeen girl went alone to Moscow. She successfully passed the exams and was admitted to VGIK, in Sergei Solovyov`s workshop.

Already from the first year Korikova started acting in movies. Her first role was a young Masha in the tale Anatolia Mateshko "Ha-bi-aces." Her partner in the film was Vladimir Mashkov, for whom this was the second film role.

In the period of study aspiring actress starred in general very much. The melodrama Valeri Ahadova "I promise, I`ll go ..." Korikova played a young provincial Irina, Dmitry Dolinina drama "Golden Ring, a bouquet of red roses," based on Chekhov`s story "In the Ravine" - a quiet, frightened Lipu. In addition, Korikova starred in the historical and romantic melodrama Viktor Titov "Curse of Durand" in Sergei Solovyov`s drama "Three Sisters".

But samoyyarkoy work was Lisa`s role in the film by Alexei Sakharov "Mistress into Maid", filmed on the novel by Alexander Pushkin. Together with Dmitry Shcherbina they have created a wonderful romantic duet. It seemed this picture will give a powerful impetus to the further film career of young actors, but ...


The first husband of Helen Korikovoy could be her classmate at VGIK Dmitry Roshchin - son of the famous actress Ekaterina Vasilieva and playwright Mikhail Roshchin. During their romance in those years, with bated breath, watching the entire course. When Elena realized that she was pregnant, Dmitry immediately made her an offer. But then intervened Ekaterina Vasileva. It is said that she did not like the young actress, and she forbade her son to marry. Dmitry obeyed. He currently serves as a deacon in the church and with his son Arseny not communicate.

In 1995 Elena graduated from the VGIK Korikova. In the movie, it was time to complete stagnation. The young actress was at a crossroads - than to make a living? There were even change the profession, but luckily for her fans that did not happen.

In the life of Helena was a man who took the problem of making money. Civil husband of Helen and real father for Arseny became widely known today, the operator and video director Maxim Osadchy. As recognized by the actress, he once conquered her heart.

She said: "We met on the set clip Dmitry Malikov" Golden Dawn ". All this took place in Suzdal. The most interesting thing that I`ve never suffered from insomnia, but that night, when he came back with another shot, I could not sleep at all. I did not know what was going on with me. I heard how he arrived in the morning we met and have each other would not leave. I realized that I was serious between us. I have a complex nature, to me it is very difficult, but Max - is the person with whom I easily and who understands me. "

Marriage Elena and Maxim had not concluded. "I believe that relations need to register as a time when there are common children. And I really want to give birth to twins "- recognized actress.

At the turn of the century

In the second half of the 90 actress starred rare. The most notable work was the role of Tanya in the costume drama Yuri Grymov "moo-moo". More often Korikova can be seen in video clips: Alla Pugacheva ( "Call me with itself"), Philip Kirkorov, Valery Leontiev, Dmitry Malikov, Leonid Agutin, Igor Krutoy and OE The company Korikovoy country stepped into the twenty-first century - Elena has been leading New Year`s Eve at ORT.

In the late 90`s Elena with her husband and son Arseny left for America. They were going to spend a vacation, but it so happened that Maxim was offered a job, and had to stay. Several years of Helen`s family has lived in the United States. And all these years, it pulled back to Russia. "I love Moscow, and soon realized that besides Russia does not want to live anywhere else" - confessed Elena.

Several times she came home. Starred in "Old songs about the main thing" in a comedy of Gregory of Constantinople "Hypnosis" ... Living in New York, Elena tried his hand as a model (became the face of the salon "Jacques de Sanger") and actress (starred in 40 minute experimental film, which received more than one award). But as the actress admitted, "it is like the soul was not in place." As a result, they with Maxim decided to return to Russia.

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