Elena Kondulainen

Picture of Elena Kondulainen

Date of Birth: 09/04/1958

Age: 58

Place of birth: Toksovo

Citizenship: Russia



Kondulainen Elena was born in Leningrad, in the village of Toksovo. In this village lived a long time immigrants from Sweden, Finland, Germany, England. During the war, many of the security concerns have changed their names. Elena`s father, for ingermanlandets nationality, this did not do.

Kondulainen lived on a farm in the middle of the forest. They had their own farm - cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens. Farms engaged and Elena. She herded sheep, helped her mother plant potatoes and carrots.

The nearest housing was three kilometers, and Elena had a little chat with their peers. Communication took place only in the school, where she walked several kilometers through the forest. There she first encountered racial hostility. Like many Finns called it "Chukhnov nasty."

Joy Elena brought communion with nature. Around housing Kondulaynenov were fabulous place. Girl, like Mowgli, lost in the woods, rode naked on horseback, talking with animals, with rocks, trees.


From an early age manifested entertainment Helena. She endlessly someone parodied and danced on a table, sang beautifully. Parents, when they saw it, gave the girl a music school.

After school, Elena was going to enter the conservatory, but it so happened that she was admitted to the Institute of Culture (LGITMiK) on the conducting and choral department. At the same time, it first went in the film - in the crowd, and then not a small role (Romance "Travel to another town"). It drew attention and lured the Drama department, the workshop A. Katzman. So Elena became an actress.

At the same time in a student play "Oh, these stars," Elena Kondulainen played her first erotic role - charming Marlene Dietrich. The play was a huge success. Advertising banners on which it was displayed in a dress with a deep neckline, long hung in the city. They were quickly frustrated fans ...


In 1983 Elena graduated Kondulainen LGITMiK and was accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad Theatre. Lenin Komsomol. But she worked there for long. Already in 1986, she moved to the Comedy Theatre. NP Akimov. Her first performance in the new theater was Eve`s role in the play "All About Eve".

In 1990, Elena Kondulainen left and from the theater, becoming an actress of private studio "Dyagilev Tsentr".

Movie. 80 years The relationship with the cinema Elena evolved initially difficult. Again, as a child, she had to deal with a negative attitude to her nationality. Because her name Helen did not want to shoot, and not even invited to audition. On the role of the historical film "Primary Russia" actress and all claimed under the name of Ivanov.

After painting "Primary Russia" Elena even came up with a nickname - Rusova, under which was going to star in a movie. But then began the grandiose changes in the country. Due to the restructuring, the fashion on foreign, and now the name Kondulainen began to play a positive role in the fate of the actress.

Sex symbol

In 1990, Elena Kondulainen starred in the first film completely naked. It was a social and psychological drama Erkenova Hussein, based on the story of Yuri Polyakov "One hundred days before the order" reflects the social problems in the Soviet army. The painting caused a huge scandal. Power structures, stirred up a lot of scenes from the film for a long time would not let him on the screens. Elena Kondulainen admits that she was shocked by the shootings.

It was after this picture Elena Kondulainen first called "sex symbol". For a country where for decades the topic of sex was taboo, it was like a revolution. Of course, sex symbols existed before, but that`s because - from the newspapers ...

Elena Kondulainen recalls: "One reporter asked me:" How do you feel about the fact that you are behind the eyes is called a sex symbol, "I`m a little confused, because for the first time those words were not in friendly conversation, and with emotion said:" If people call me a sex symbol, then so be it! "and then the newspaper" Moskovsky Komsomolets "invited me to her held a contest" Miss Chest "as a member of the jury. And there for the first time declared: "The actress Elena Kondulainen, a sex symbol of the USSR." At first there was silence, and then - a crazy reaction! From that moment it all started ... "

Since then, the actress who played a lot of positive characters in major directors ( "Deerslayer," "Primary Russia" ...) have only as a sex symbol is not perceived.

The following year, Elena appeared in a small role in the comedy correspondent of the newspaper Mark Eisenberg, "Marsh Street, or the tool against sex." By creating this image, Helen wanted to bring him something "sort of." And then she decided to make it so that every time her journalist falls in love with his companion, who is interviewing. It was during an interview she becomes superseksualnuyu.

This and subsequent work further reinforces the status of the country`s first sex symbol. In 1993, she starred in the erotic melodrama "Daphnis and Chloe". The very picture of the audience rarely seen, but footage of nude Elena Kondulainen a few years just flooded the Internet.

"Russian Marlene Dietrich! Russian erotic symbol! Muse with superrabotosposobnostyu Eros! "- Wrote about her critics and journalists. "Forever and always cheerful naked Kondulainen" - joked her friends.

Image of sex symbol and contributed to other circumstances. For example, it is often met friends at home in translucent tunic, after which the city rumors that Kondulainen all guests are met at home naked. And once she was exposed to dispute the belt and so drove the car through the city, which caused a considerable stir.

In 1993 Kondulainen shock the public that created a "party of love". Join it did not consider it shameful to such public figures as Alexander Panktarov-Black, Michael Zvezdinsky, Boris Khmelnitsky, Maria Arbatov, Alexei Glyzin and others. And what of the factions of the party were: "Love to blondes," "Love for brunettes," "The former womanizer", "free love", etc.

Elena Kondulainen explains his project: "When I created the party of love, all went evil and did not think about love. And I, therefore, tried to instill kindness. And I noticed that gradually transfer some were about love. I went thought. Perhaps my idea served as a very good push to ensure that people are relaxed and remembered love. "


By the time of the creation of his party Helen was already married. However, with her first husband, a teacher by profession, she did not find understanding. They soon divorced, and Helen was left alone with his son. Since then, the serious problems began in her life.

Elena was seriously ill, was taken to hospital. Doctors discovered she had Graves` disease. Long-term treatment has led to the fact that her face changed, lost its former beauty. All this lasted about a year. This was followed by new attacks: serious illness son, his mother`s death. Such a move was extremely difficult. Sometimes Elena came even thoughts of suicide ...

But then Elena gradually started to recover. "It seems very strange, but the moment my mother died, my business went sharply uphill. I think it is there to intercede for me to God. And whenever I long to go to church, do not talk mentally there with my mother, I start to slip. Slipping in cases in mind. And I think that my mother gave me a chance, her death atoned for my guilt before God. I guess I was not very good for people, "says the actress.

Then Elena moved from Leningrad to Moscow, where he met with her second husband. As a recognized actress, came the wonderful years. However, the marriage subsequently broke up. Just like the third. The explanation, she says, must be sought in the very essence of the profession in a constant emotional strain. After all, the work of the actress - a full commitment, a continuous change of feelings and moods. And it is almost impossible to devote himself to the family of half and half theater.

Therefore, it is now a single mother with two children - Sasha and Misha.

Film and Theatre. 2000 - 2005 years

During the second half of the 90s Elena Kondulainen almost starred in the movie. With the revival of the national cinema screens was going out a lot of different series. But the actress admits that her work in serials uninteresting - is too low. The only exception is made, starring in "Maroseika 12".

In 2001, Alexander played in Kondulainen scandalously famous painting Roman Kachanova "Down House" - freestyle adaptation of Dostoyevsky`s "The Idiot" novel. One of the last works of the actress - a role in serious psychological film "All that will happen," tells the story of the eternal problem of the artist and his conscience.

As for the theater, that Yelena is now - actress Moon. Here, in an atmosphere of Sergei Prokhanov refined aesthetics director, the actress gained a new breath. Its luxurious Madame Bravura in the play "Journey dilettantes" (based on the novel Okudzhava) captures the audience and literally electrifying atmosphere of the hall of energy discharges. A greater number of the audience and the play "Tender Is the Night" on the novel by Scott Fitzgerald. In addition, Kondulainen plays in the branch of the theater Mayakovsky role of Cleopatra in the play Julius Edlis "Game of Shadows."