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The girl with a chocolate wrapper

This tasty and inexpensive milk chocolate was one of the best solutions `Food programmy` adopted by the USSR in the early sixties of the last century. Unfortunately, the names of the factory specialists `Red Oktyabr` who managed in 1964 to create an original recipe, have not lost their popularity among several generations of buyers have already forgotten. Obtained on the new technology with chocolate cream flavor named `Alenka`. With regard to this title, you can hear different versions, including the name of the daughter Tereshkova (similar to chocolate `Chayka` named after the call sign of the first women-cosmonaut) or famous paintings Vasnetsov, whose reproduction would like to put on the cover. The most likely is the version that was the name of the granddaughter of one of the formulator.

In 1965, the issue of `Alenki` started several businesses. Besides `Red Oktyabrya` new chocolate produced` Front` Roth, Babaev factory, confectionery enterprises in other cities, including Kiev and Minsk. In view of these chocolates differ from each other. Sad and barefoot Vasnetsov `Alenushku` considered unsuitable for wrapping. After a few test pictures of a smiling girl in a scarf, with dogs, bunnies, flags, etc., in the popular newspaper `Evening Moskva` was a competition for the best photo of the baby, which will be the basis for the wrapper customers already love chocolate. Among the contestants was a photographer and journalist Alexander Gerinas. Back in 1960, he made a color photograph of their eight-month daughter Elena, tied colorful silk handkerchief (according to another version, the girl pictures of mother, Sophia L.). Puhloschekaya baby with open eyes in astonishment looked charming, and very few people noticed that the bundle kerchief around his neck looked unusual - Sophia L., tied it, is left-handed. This photograph was published in the Soviet `foto`. Then A. Gerinas offered his magazine `Zdorove`, which was listed as a freelance reporter. The photo was taken and placed on the cover of the January issue of 1962. The same shot and won the competition `Vecherki`. On the basis of the artist Nikolai Maslov made a drawing, some moving away from the original. Huge brown eyes were blue, facial features and the viewing direction was slightly changed. Wrap the new sketch was very beautiful, it compared favorably with confectionery packaging of those years and has become a real brand name `Alenki`, preserved to date unchanged. Recognizable image formed the basis for chocolate wrappers and produced by other factories, it became, in a sense symbolic - for example, in recent decades it quite actively used for Photoshop.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, much has changed, but `Alenka`ne disappeared from the shelves. This brand became the property of the company `United konditery`, which included all producers of chocolate, located in Moscow. There are new variations of `Alenki` - chocolate bars with hazelnuts, raisins, nuts, and candy wrapper on which all sported the same recognizable girl. In Kiev, the chocolate began to produce under the name `Olenka`, portraying it girl in yellow kerchief and beads, and` A favorite Alenku` that produced in Minsk, tied a red handkerchief with dots.

In 2000, about his favorite chocolate and the usual talking in a completely unexpected aspect. Elena Gerinas, the same girl in a headscarf, appealed to the court as the successor to A. Gerinasa with the claim about the misuse of her image for commercial purposes, of monetary claims to JSC `Red Oktyabr` in the amount of fifty thousand minimum wages and about the design of the appropriate license. As Elena evidence presented that same child`s photo, as well as the magazine `Zdorove` with his picture on the cover.

Forensic examination confirmed the identity of the person in the photo and on the wrapper of chocolate. But at the same time, the court took into account that during the life of the photographer he did not claim any financial claims against the manufacturers of chocolate, apparently limited to receiving one-time fee, as well as the artist oil (which, unfortunately, can neither confirm nor refute the view of death these individuals). Another examination proved that the picture on the cover is a separate product that does not infringe the copyright of the original creator of the work. Meetings Zamoskvoreche trial lasted two and a half years, and as a result the decision was taken that the rights of EA Gerinas were not violated and that the grounds for satisfaction of its claim is not there. Then Elena no more attempts to get a reward or payment made. She lives with her husband in Khimki, have two grown children. Most of his life Helen Gerinas worked pharmacist, then became a librarian. From time to time she was invited on television, on programs dedicated to chocolate.

It should be noted that the role of the prototype girls `Alenki` there are other contenders. Parents living in Bryansk Anna Statsenko-intercity claimed that their year-old daughter was photographed while visiting the clinic, and that on the cover of the magazine `Zdorove` it is displayed. However, no claims to the producers of chocolate and a magazine that the family did not show. It is also alleged that `Alenka` with wrap - a girl from Odintsovo Natasha Morozova, whose portrait graced the labels of children`s soaps and shampoos, and whose fate is currently unknown.