Elena Berezovich

Picture of Elena Berezovich

Date of Birth: 02/01/1966

Age: 50

Place of birth: Yekaterinburg

Citizenship: Russia


Born in 1966 in Sverdlovsk. A graduate of the Faculty of Philology, Ural State University (1988). A pupil of Professor AK Matveev. Since 1986 he has been working at the Department of Russian Language and General Linguistics, Ural State University, first as a laboratory, scientific secretary of the toponymic laboratory since 1991 is teaching work (assistant, associate professor, since 2001 - Professor of the same department). In 1992 she defended her thesis "Semantic Microsystems in Russian toponymy", in 1999 - his doctoral thesis "Russian names in ethnolinguistic aspect." It belongs to the Ural toponymic school.

EL Berezovich - a renowned expert in the field of Russian and Slavic ethnolinguistics, onomastics, dialectal lexicology, etymology and semantic reconstruction, the author of 158 scientific and methodical works, including three monographs ( "Toponymy of the Russian North: Ethnolinguistic research", "Russian toponymy in ethnolinguistic aspect "," Language and traditional culture: ethnolinguistic study "), the author`s" dictionary of Russian language for schoolchildren "," dictionary of dialects of the Russian North "(the group of authors), about 80 articles published in scientific books and journals Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, France and America. He is the executive secretary of the commission on ethnolinguistics the International Committee of Slavists.

EL Berezovich - head of educational and scientific complex "Russian nomastikon" (IRYA Academy of Sciences - Ural State University).

Zam. chief editor of the All-Russian journal "Issues of onomastics" izdvaemogo IRYA RAS and the Ural State University, co-author and editorial board of the "Dictionary of Russian dialects of the North".

Since 2001, the chief of toponymic expedition Ural University, participated in 37 field trips in the Russian North, Middle Urals, Western Siberia and others.

Make presentations at international scientific conferences neskolkihdesyatkah in Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Paris, Lublin, Warsaw, Prague, Brno, Belgrade, Zhitomir and others. Lecturer international schools (Warsaw, Moscow, Pereslavl, Pskov).

Under the leadership of EL Berezovich defended 5 PhD theses.

Major works

Toponymy of the Russian North: Ethnolinguistic research. Ekaterinburg, 1998.

Russian names in ethnolinguistic aspect. Ekaterinburg 2000.

Language and traditional culture: Ethnolinguistic research. Moscow, 2007.

Etymological dictionary of the Russian language for students: Textbook. pos. Ekaterinburg 2000.