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Before to be called "Electric prunes" a group of teenagers from LA "Taft High School" appeared under the name "The Sanctions" and "Jim and the Lords".The team observed staff turnover, but the guys have managed at that time to do some recording. Once the guys (namely, James Lowe, Mark Tyulin, Ken Williams and Michael Weekley) rehearsing in the garage, and passing by Barbara Harris drew attention to their sound emissions, which have dragged. Although the young woman was engaged in real estate business, she had a garter in show business, and she introduced the children to Dave Hassindzherom. This type worked in "RCA" and managed to make a name for cooperation with the " Rolling ".

Dave, in turn, sent a team to Leon Russell, with whom she recorded several demos. single "Ain`t it hard" it was issued on the basis of those meetings, which failed miserably. Luckily it had heard representatives of the "Warner / Reprise", who decided to give the musicians a second attempt. Just at this time Weekly drums replaced Preston Ritter, a part was added a second guitarist, James Spagnola.

Electric PrunesPodozrevaya ,that his players themselves can not write songs, Hassindzher hired for their author tandem Annette Tucker - Nancy Manz. Among the first songs they prepared was listed "I had too much to dream last night". Conceived as a piano ballad, the song after processing "Electric prunes" has become a rich and ehami zafuzovannymi guitar jam. The corresponding single reached the US charts in 11 th place and the musicians opened the way to a large number of concerts. Sorokapyatka second was slightly less successful (27th place) , but that did not stop the band released their debut album soon.

If the material is "I had too much to dream last night" was largely written by Tucker - Manz ,on the second polnometrazhki Hassindzher gave musicians greater freedom of creativity. Incidentally, in the sessions of the "Underground" returned Weekley attended and took place Spagnoly Mike Gannon. When the work on the album was completed, "Electric prunes" made global American tour, and then paid a visit to Europe.Much later, in the wake of the tour was released live album "Stockholm` 67 ".

Electric PrunesPo return to the United States released the single "Everybody knows you`re not in love", described by critics as "a chunk of pure Prune pop". However, immediately after the group abruptly changed direction, putting on the market the album "Mass in F Minor" - a conceptual rock opera ,built on a mixture of Gregorian music, psychedelia and latyni.to texts was the beginning of the end of the original "Electric Prunes". Composition feverish with terrible force, and by mid- 1968 from the old people there `s no one left. Things went so far that on the record "Release of an Oath", which was published in November of the same year ,no musicians were given names.

Further confusion has made the label "Reprise", are printed on the American single "Hey Mr. President" of the original photo "Prunes", while in the European part of EP, was put down Richard Whetstone, Ron Morgan, Brett Wade, Mark Kinseyd. One way or another, but in 1969-m released another LP under the name "Electric Prunes", and only after that the team finally broke up. The second part of the history of this group began 30 years later, when the first time in a long time come together Lowe Tyulin, Williams and Weekly. Old men first peretryahnul its archives ,and after a series of concerts began writing new material.

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