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Electric flag

The first work "Electric flag" became the soundtrack recording for " psychedelic " film "The Trip", which gave the team the opportunity to experiment with nekotoromi ideas without much straining.

The short-lived career of this interesting band started in 1967 ,when guitarist Mike Bloomfield (Michael Bernard Bloomfield, b. July 28, 1944, Chicago, USA, in. February 15, 1981, San Francisco, USA) walked away from the well-known at the time of the gang "The Paul Butterfield Blues Band", so he According to give more room to another guitarist Elvin Bishop. In fact, he felt uncomfortable under the direction of Paul Butterfield and wanted to have his own band. Therefore, taking the vocalist Nick Greyvinaytsa (p. Chicago), he left Paul and organized the "Electric flag". The composition was beefed known sessionschikami. Drummer Buddy Miles (Miles George, p. 5 September 1945 ,Omaha) previously worked with Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett, bassist Harvey Brooks - Bob Dylan and Judy Collins, keyboardist Barry Goldberg - Steve Miller and Mitch Ryder.

Tenor saxophonist Peter Strazza also had worked at one time in Miller and trumpeter Marcus Doubleday played in the "Drifters" and Bobby Vinton. I completed the whole crowd bariton-saxophonist Herbie Rich.

The first work "Electric flag" became the soundtrack recording for " psychedelic " film "The Trip", which gave the team the opportunity to experiment with nekotoromi ideas without much straining. The very first public appearance took place in 1967 at a festival in Monterey.The following year, their debut album "A Long Time Comin`" was recorded, immediately became popular in America. For its creation were involved in three other musicians : Stemsi Hunter and Mike Fonfara. This CD is prefaced attempts "Blood, sweat and tears" and "Chicago" to mix the sound of a big band with hard rock. Although Nick was not the first-class singer ,this lack of professionalism is more than cover the remaining team members. An example would be the composition of "Killing Floor", prestavlyayuschie sound, which sought and Bloomfield. As a result, the record took 31 th place in the US charts.

In general, the future of "Electric flag" was promising, but then the problems started.Drug Passion, internecine strife and disgusting management group dragged to the bottom. The first felt the futility of further Goldberg, fell from a sinking ship, and soon after him " sudnoostavil his captain, Mike Bloomfield.

Instead, it was left to steer Buddy Miles ,under whose leadership the second album with nemudrenyh called "Electric flag" was recorded. Although the disc reached the 76th place in the charts, it was much weaker than its predecessor and reflects the confusion that is happening in the team, mired in drugs. The only decent thing on the plate was "See To Your Neighbour".So not hold the reins of power in 1969 Miles to disband, and the left to organize the "Buddy Miles Express". The rest were scattered in all directions and do basically session work. In 1974, it held a failed attempt resuscitation "Electric flag" in the original lineup,but this time the band released an album with a very pale pretentious title "The Band Kept Playing". The group was disbanded again, and this time for good.

In the mid-70s Bloomfield tried to pursue a solo career, recording several albums of blues ,but pernicious passion for drugs has done its job and 15 February 1981, he was found in his car, who died of an overdose

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