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Year of birth : 1972

Age: 43 year

Place of Birth : Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States


`Electric Eels` - American proto - punk band from Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland, Ohio), speaking from 1972 to 1975. Sometimes, the name written in small letters as the `electric eels`, that was a reference to the poet EE Cummings (E. E. Cummings). There were stories that he loved Cumming signed a `e.e. cummings`, but the evidence for this was found.

`Electric Eels` played only 5 public show, however, in spite of the short life of the group ,its members have earned a local reputation as a scandalous aggression, painful conflicts angry fans. They were notorious for fights with the audience, which attracted the attention of the police, and insulting manner of communicating with each other out of the scene. Their musical style is a mixture of a noisy garage hard rock and free jazz ,and basically, the audience and the critics found the music disgusting.

The group formed in 1972 by guitarist John Morton (John Morton), singer and clarinetist Dave `e` McManus (Dave `E` McManus) and guitarist Brian McMahon (Brian McMahon), which should not be confused with a member of the group ` Slint`.All the musicians were former students of one school in Lakewood, Ohio (Lakewood, Ohio), and all of them have seen the performance of Captain Beefheart (Captain Beefheart) and were so disappointed with the game group `Youngstown`s Left End`, they decided that they would be able to play better. Unlike other glamrock bands of the era Morton was also influenced by free jazz. Group from the outset was unconventional in its composition - they had to go without a drummer, because Morton did not find anyone who would be able to handle the shock. On the other hand, none of the participants did not actually know how to play musical instruments. On their rare appearances could hear the hammer, beating on the metal sheet, a powerful mower and enjoy the fisticuffs.

Most of the 1973 and 1974 `Electric Eels` spent mostly unsuccessfully trying to get the opportunity to speak in some bar in Cleveland and then in Columbus (Columbus),where the band moved for a few months. Usually bars have been booked for performances 3-4 dozen most popular local bands. Morton then argued that the move to the state capital was caused by threats that he received for having slept with too many married women. When the speech is still happened ,promoters often interrupt them in the middle. In the first speech of musicians in general was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, and Morton managed to break his arm while resisting arrest and at the next gig was playing with a makeshift bus from a slide rule and a wrench. Morton especially had a penchant for violence ,which often led to fights and the time lag in the group. Morton McManus and often fun, coming to work bars and provoking fights, posing as a gay couple.

At the end of 1973, McMahon left the group, but he was immediately replaced by Paul Marotta (Paul Marotta), who was an accomplished musician and plays guitar and keyboards. Drummers of all the time it disappeared, then appeared, and the bass player was not at all. Another deliberate provocation was the use of Nazi swastikas and use lyrics racist literature of the American Nazi Party. However, the participants argued that it was a shock tactic konfrontatsionnoeskusstvo and satire. In the end, `Electric Eels` got a chance to perform at the concert venue in Cleveland, which supported the original music in the club ` The Viking Saloon`, December 22, 1974. The concert was called `Special Extermination Night`, and together with the ` Electric Eels` it played the group `Rocket from the Tombs` and ` Mirrors`.This event marked the beginning of the appearance in Cleveland new and unique for the city glam rock scene. However, the group repeated participation in this event in January 1975 led to the fact that the `Electric Eels` forbidden to appear in the last bar, where they are still allowed, due to the fact that they started on the stage lawnmower. Because of this, the band have Marotta, But he returned to Brian McMahon. Another group managed to get a drummer Nick Knox (Nick Knox), later became famous as a member of `The Cramps`.

Alas, a few rehearsals, one speech and even a number of records were unable to prevent the collapse of the group. Musicians reconciled with Marotta, and he even helped them in rehearsals and recorded are anySome of them - these sessions and make up most of the remainder of the `Electric Eels` material. Soon gone Knock - whether in May, or in September of the same year - and then Morton started another brawl, after which the participants finally drifted apart.

Later that same year, the three original band member, Marotta and two members `Mirrors`,was formed a new team `The Men from UNCLE`, but after two rehearsals the band ceased to exist

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