Ekaterina Bakunina

Picture of Ekaterina Bakunina

Date of Birth: 02/20/1795

Age: 74

Citizenship: Russia


In those days ... the days when you first

I noticed features live

Charming maidens, and love

Mladen excited blood ...

"I was happy! .. No, I was not happy yesterday morning I agonized waiting, with indescribable emotion while standing at the window, looking at the snowy road - it was not visible!

Finally, I lost hope; suddenly accidentally I meet her on the stairs - sweet moment .. How sweet it was! As a black dress clung to Bakunin pretty! "- He exclaimed Pushkin Lyceum in his diary.

This fascination with the poet recalls his friend SD Komovsky

"But first platonic, true love piiticheskuyu opened in Pushkin lyceum sister of one of his comrades ... She often came to visit his brother and always came to the lyceum balls. Pretty face of it, a wonderful camp and charming appeal made general enthusiasm throughout the Lyceum youth. Pushkin, with ardent feelings of the young poet, vivid colors portrayed her magical beauty in his poem entitled "Towards a painter." These poems were very well put on the music Lyceum comrade Yakovlev and his pets constantly, not only in the Lyceum, but also long after leaving thereof. "

Bakunin fond and other students of the Lyceum, including I. Leo, the future Decembrist. But competition is not the reason for cooling between friends.

Pushkin languished love Bakunina all winter and spring, and most of the summer in 1816. During this time, because he wrote a series of elegies, which bear the stamp of deep melancholy. No definite conclusions about the relationship that existed between the poet and his beloved girlfriend, can not be done on the basis of these verses elegiac stencil obscures the living features of reality. Perhaps all this typically youthful novel entailed only a few fleeting encounters on the porch or in the park.

"Catherine Bakunin, of course, could not answer any of lovers lyceum reciprocate - says Nina literary Zababurova. - He was 17 and she was 21. At that age, this gap is the abyss, the more that the girls have been known to grow up faster. Bakunin had a younger brother, the same age as the lover of the poet, and this situation was doubly disadvantageous for ardent admirer. It has therefore had to look on him as a child. According to the scant information that I shared his contemporaries, Ekaterina Pavlovna was a girl sufficiently rigorous, serious and totally alien playful coquetry. "

In the fall of Bakunin moved to St. Petersburg, Pushkin, according to the verses, a long time was quite inconsolable. But youth prevailed, every day brought new experiences, started first literary success, and even a real triumph, what turned out to be the public reading of the exam in the presence of an aging Derzhavin. Cardiac injury was delayed ...

In 1817 Catherine Bakunin became the maid of honor, and he graduated from the Pushkin Lyceum. There is no evidence that they met in St. Petersburg. Many years later, Ekaterina Pavlovna met with Pushkin in Priyutino in 1828, at the celebration of the birthday of Catherine Markovna venison. But then he is likely to be too busy Anna Olenina to remember their love Lyceum ...

She married a charming Catherine Bakunin already very mature age. Hope Osipovna Pushkin, the poet`s mother, in 1834, he reported his daughter

"... As the news I will tell you what Bakunin beyond Poltoratsky lord, a cousin of Mrs. Kern. The wedding will be after Easter. She is forty years old and not young. Widows without children and with the state. They say he spent two years as love ... ".

Apparently Pushkin - is already married at that time people - attended the wedding of Catherine Pavlovna. According to established custom Empress Elizabeth A. blessed her favorite maid of honor and gave the young icon which Bakunin kept all his life.

Leaving the Upper Light, twenty-one years she has lived with her husband in complete agreement. Willingly corresponded with friends, he educates children - a son Alexander and daughter Catherine, enjoying family happiness ...

"... Ekaterina Pavlovna meanwhile has become a wonderful artist - says Leo anise. - There was an exhibition, a lot of orders. However, it has become famous and has remained in the memory of future generations is in love with her the great poet. It is aware of this, it is a treasured relic of the rest of his days Pushkin written by hand on a sheet of yellowish landscape format his madrigal on the day of her birthday. "

Many artists have tried to capture the beauty of this woman. Known figure O. Kiprensky two watercolor portraits of P. Sokolov. There is reason to believe that Ekaterina Pavlovna and displayed on one of the watercolors K. Briullov. In all these portraits gently and humbly look in her eyes, full of feminine charm all of her appearance. "How sweet it is" - the Pushkin`s words could not be more accurately convey the property of her beauty.