Einar Gerhardsen

Picture of Einar Gerhardsen

Date of Birth: 05/10/1897

Age: 90

Place of birth: Asker

Citizenship: Norway


Einar Gerhardsen was born in a family of road worker Gerhard Olsen and initially continued his father`s work, but in 1920 began to participate in the communist movement, gradually going to the social-democratic positions. By the end of 1930 Gerhardsen became a major figure in the Labour Party, which came in 1935 under the leadership of Johan Nyugorsvolda in power, and in 1940 took over as mayor of Oslo and before the double was the general secretary of the party in 1923-1925 and 1936-1939. After the occupation of Norway, the Third Reich, followed in the same year, Gerhardsen took an active part in the Resistance and was interned in the local concentration camp Grini, and then to Sachsenhausen. However, according to current research, Gerhardsen initially sought to cooperate with the new authorities, but his conditions were rejected by the Germans.

After the liberation of the country Gerhardsen returned for mayor, and in July 1945 formed an interim government after the resignation of Nyugorsvolla. Elections to the Storting, the Social Democrats gave in November of the same year, the majority, and Gerhardsen, who became chairman of the party, formed a permanent office. At the head Gerhardsen government played a major role in the restoration of Norway, will take place in the economic sphere, a partial state regulation of trade and banking. There were also carried out massive industrialization and health care reform in the system of progressive taxation. This Gerhardsen advocated the preservation of the market economy and in foreign policy supported the development of relations with the US and NATO membership.

In 1951 Gerhardsen retired, but in 1954 became chairman of the Storting. In 1955 he formed a new cabinet, but its management was marked by a series of scandals. So, in 1958, Norway has not prevented Israel to obtain plutonium for nuclear weapons through a Norwegian company, and in November 1962 there was an accident in one of the mines in Svalbard that has cost the lives of several miners, which caused in 1963 a successful parliamentary vote of no confidence in the government, the refusal of the Socialist People`s Party support from the cabinet and form a new conservative coalition government, which, however, lasted only a month, after which the Social Democrats returned to power. Nevertheless, the elections in 1965 the Labour Party was defeated, a new cabinet was formed under the leadership of the Centre Party, and Gerhardsen left the leadership of the Party, and in 1969 - and the policy, although before his death, continued to play a greater role in public life, also wrote autobiography in four volumes covering the period from 1940 to 1978.

In 1997 he was recognized as the most outstanding Prime Minister of Norway [2], during the life of the citizens got the nickname "Father of the Nation" (Norw. Landsfaderen).


Medal for Outstanding Citizenship Award