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Year of birth : 1984

Age: 31 year

Citizenship : United States

Secrets of comfort and functionality

Simplicity, beauty, sensuality, comfort, functionality and all the countless trickswhich do not allow things to go out of style, which fits in a single Eng. the word `timeless`, all of this is ` serdtse` brand `Eileen Fisher`.

At the opening of its brand in 1984, Eileen Fisher has spent $ 350. The company`s profit in 2003 amounted to 154 million. Dollars.A key part of the brand `s mission is `Eileen Fisher` fair treatment to employees in the workplace. In addition, the company implemented a program for training of girls and women, who occupy senior positions.

Eileen Fisher founded the eponymous fashion brand in 1984, spending just $ 350. Her first order of four simple options for clothing boutique show in New York (New York) brought Fischer immediately three thousand dollars, and then for the next three months the designer has earned more than 40 million, extending the range up to eight items.

To open your company the designer had very personal reasons. Fisher remembers the birth of the brand `Eileen Fisher`:` I have had problems with what to wear. At that time I worked as a graphic designer and interior designer. In my head I kept all these simple forms for cutting clothing. I knew that the clothes had to be of excellent fabrics, with beautiful colors, certain shapes and proportions ,that all worked. It was a moment of insight - Outdoor apparel design system, which I was looking for since a rejected my Catholic school uniforms in Des Plaines, Illinois (Des Plaines, Illinois) `.

In 2002, the company earned $ 144 million, and th 2003 -.. . 154 million As of 2003 th,approximately 35% of the clothing brand `Eileen Fisher` manufactured in the United States (USA), and the rest - in China (China). Among Fisher employs about 800 employees. Overall, open 44 retail stores and Torgoev points in fourteen states, plus the products of the brand `Eileen Fisher` distributed through specialized shops -` Nordstrom`,`Saks Fifth Avenue` and ` Neiman Marcus`.

In addition, the company `Eileen Fisher` tries to work with ecological materials and included in its production cycle clothing processing, she set a goal to consistently provide people with only a decent job that would enhance their standard of living. Fair treatment in the workplace has become a key part of the brand `s mission `Eileen Fisher`. In addition, the company implemented a program for training of girls and women, who occupy senior positions.

Since 2011, the company `Eileen Fisher` is a member of the New York-based non-profit corporation ` Fair Factories Clearinghouse` (FFC),which seeks to ensure the humane treatment of all workers and improve working conditions worldwide. Due to the FFC, brand `Eileen Fisher` gained access to a wide range of knowledge from companies that also wish to influence the improvement of the lives of its staff in all respects

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