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The wrestler with drug

On established entrepreneur and deputy Yevgeny Roizman in 1999, the fund `City without narkotikov` goes very, very much conflicting information. Some Roizman praised to the skies, while others tend to see in it the fund only the fight against drug traffickers competitors. Anyway, the response activities of Yekaterinburg Fund aroused considerable. In 2006, a similar organization was established in Nizhny Tagil; Now, in 2010, its leader, Yegor Bychkov and his two colleagues - Alexander and Vitaly Vasyakin Paginu - had to be brought to justice. Egor, Alexander and Vitali were accused of kidnapping and torture in order to obtain benefits.

In order to better understand the situation, it should be understood that Bychkova Fund - as well as fund Roizman - practice compulsory treatment of drug addiction. Various sources variously describe the process of the treatment; In any case, all agree on the fact that - at some stage - the addict retention in treatment center made against his will. Actually, this was one of the cornerstones of charge position - indeed, these actions fully covered by the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. There are, however, common wheat and in the arguments of defense - it is clear that experiencing withdrawal symptoms ( `lomku`) is unlikely to be able to adequately assess the reality. As the majority of drug treatment, a major challenge in overcoming addiction is to fight the psychological component of this relationship; It can not, however, forget about the purely physiological aspects of withdrawal symptoms.

The trial of Yegor Bychkov was launched in March 2009. Initially, as a preventive measure self-proclaimed fighter against drug trafficking had been elected under house arrest; Bychkov justified confidence in him, orderly manner attending all meetings of its case.

The prosecution insisted on the deprivation of liberty for Egor 12 years old - he is accused of kidnapping and seven episodes of beatings; In addition, it was argued that the fund exclusively pursued selfish goals.

Further examination of witnesses - and, in particular, the victims - has demonstrated the fragility of a clear position of the prosecution. According to correspondents, all alleged victims were brought to the court session by force; even handcuffed and under guard, they continued to deny the evidence attributed to them. Six of the seven victims in one voice said, that in the rehabilitation center were on their own; They also confirmed the istyazatelstv.

The last word was given to the accused the opportunity to say 27 September of 2010. Bychkov said that the charges against him as part of the process has not been proven, and called his case fabricated. Sentencing was somewhat delayed; October 12 of 2010, however, Bychkov was still sentenced to three and a half years in prison. The verdict did not satisfy neither the protection nor the prosecution; both sides have started to prepare appeals.

Case Yegor Bychkov led to incredible public response. In support of Commons leader Nizhny Tagil were journalists, artists, MPs, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and popular bloggers. Vladimir Shahrin, leader of the group `Chayf`, at a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev, separately referred to this process; President demanded that Prosecutor General`s Office took up the case with a special vnimaniem.Evgeny Roizman he said that - in the event of an unsuccessful outcome of the appeal hearing - plans to take the leadership Nizhnetagilskim fund into their own hands. In Nizhny Tagil and Yekaterinburg held rallies in support Bychkova.

On November 3, the protection of the complaint has been considered; Egor sentence was commuted - now he must be deprived of his liberty except on two and a half years, and, most importantly, relatively. Accordingly, the sentences were reduced and Vasyakin (2.5 years in a penal colony) and Pagina (one year probation).

The outcome of the case, again, aroused great interest among the general public. In general, supporters of Yegor clearly more; many of them tend to think that even a suspended sentence is too strict. Mitigation of the sentence is often attributed to the active reaction of the masses to the case - in fact, a considerable buzz around the court rose. According to yandex.ru, in October 2010, the `business Bychkova` became the most popular topic throughout the Russian blogosphere.

Partially justified fighter against drug trafficking is clearly made it clear he was not going to curtail the activities of the Fund - on the contrary, he plans to continue working in the same mode.